High-tech dentistry

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Dr. Chrys Constantinou has made keeping up with the latest dental technology a priority, providing for a better patient experience that includes reduced- or no-pain procedures. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Adam Cook

A trip to the dentist is not what it used to be, and Westlake Dental Associates is committed to making it everything it can be.

Advancements in technology have transformed dentistry.

“Technology gives our patients not only more, but better options. That means doing procedures faster, more efficiently, more precisely, and with less pain,” says Dr. Chrys Constantinou.

In 2015, Dr. Constantinou moved the established practice into a newly renovated building at 25575 Center Ridge Road in Westlake to accommodate a technological transformation, as well as a merger with Dr. John M. Golski, who continues to see patients as he winds down to retirement.

New expertise and an additional level of experience was recently brought into the practice as Dr. Golski prepares to retire.


In April, Dr. Jessica Chrzanowski joined Westlake Dental. Dr. Chrzanowski is a lifelong resident of the Cleveland area, growing up in Brecksville and graduating from the Case School of Dental Medicine as the valedictorian from her class.


After graduation, Dr. Chrzanowski did a residency at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center.

“The extra year was not only a tremendously fulfilling experience, it also gave me a lot more exposure to more medically complex patients and advanced dental procedures,” she says.
Dr. Chrzanowski then spent four years working in private practice and says a sense of community distinguishes Westlake Dental.
“It’s a team effort,” she notes. “We focus on the details and get to know each patient individually.”


Dr. Chrzanowski is driven by the same sense of community she finds at Westlake Dental.

“I’m an advocate for Cleveland. This is our city, and it’s growing and ever changing,” she says. “I’m privileged to be part of this community.”
Dr. Constantinou asserts that while great dentistry can still be practiced using traditional methods, newer methods open up options with distinct advantages for his patients.
“I invest in technology that can make a difference,” he says. “The options have really exploded since the ‘80s and ‘90s, with digital imaging, 3-D processing and computer-aided milling more commonplace.”
The Solea Dental Laser is among the newest technology at Westlake Dental and is a welcome alternative to a shot of anesthesia and the whirr of a dentist’s drill. The tool is equally at ease with both hard and soft tissue. It allows dental procedures to be done more quickly and even painlessly.
“Most fillings these days can be done without an injection or any pain, because the majority of it is now done with the laser instead of the drill.” says Dr. Constantinou. “We got the Solea four months ago. Since then, our patients have responded exceptionally well to it. We’re using it more and more each day.”
An additional technological advancement makes it possible to have a tooth crowned—fitted, fabricated and affixed—in a single appointment. The CEREC machine is an alternative to goopy dental impressions and multiple appointments. CEREC utilizes digital dental impressions that precisely follow the contours of a patient’s mouth to craft more accurate fittings.
“Nothing has to leave our hands. We do it all in house,” Dr. Constantinou says. “It’s faster, and, in many cases, done the same day—all while the patient is waiting in the chair.”
Advanced digital imaging has become an integral part of the practice.
“3-D X-rays let us diagnose much more accurately and much more vividly,” says Dr. Constantinou. “It’s not just an X-ray, it’s an actual 3-D model of the jaw, so it helps us diagnose cysts, potential tumors, sinus issues or any other issues surrounding and involving the teeth.” 
Dr. Constantinou acknowledges what really gives Westlake Dental Associates added dimension.
“3-D X-rays help us treat the patients better, so we know if a root canal is going to be especially difficult or if it’s going to be a slam dunk.”
Technology is no alternative to the human touch.
“A tooth isn’t just a tooth. A tooth is attached to a person and that person has a personality and a life,” says Dr. Constantinou. “Getting to know a person first will help us down the road. I often tell patients, ‘You’re the captain and I’m your navigator.’”
People make the difference. Dr. Constantinou says he “does dentistry with, rather than to, you,” and that he consistently cultivates collaboration.
“Everyone here, from the front desk  to the assistants, hygienists and doctors, is dedicated to continuing education—checking a patient in and out better, interfacing with insurance companies better, making better-shaped fillings, using better materials and more. We strive to deliver the best experience for our patients. We rely on each other’s expertise to help our patients make the decisions that are best for them.” 
Westlake Dental Associates is located at 25575 Center Ridge Road. Request an appointment by calling 440-835-8999 or visit WestlakeDentalAssociates.com. Hours are Monday-Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.