International Grenache Day

Nowg Sept Grenache Grape
Grenache is the grape you know, you just don’t know it.

By Mary Malik

Seems like there’s a day of celebration for just about everything. Whatever you’re into, from dragons to donuts, you name it and you can find a day on the calendar to celebrate. So, in case you need another reason to drink wine, September 18, 2020, just happens to be International Grenache Day.

“The third Friday in September is the day to celebrate the Grenache grape,” says Jim Sperk, of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild. “It’s been described as ‘the grape you know, you just don’t know it.’ And if you’ve ever tasted a Rhone blend, certain French Rosés, almost any red wine from Spain and many California or Australian blends, you’ve tasted Grenache.”

Naturally sweet, the Grenache grape is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. It ripens late and needs hot, dry conditions like those found in Spain, where it originated and is known as Garnacha. According to Jim, the grape is at its best when blended.

“It enhances the aroma and brings a certain elegance to a blend,” says Jim. “The berry’s very diverse flavors range from raspberry, cherry and cranberry in its early stages to a more cinnamon, leather and tobacco flavor as the wine ages.”

Even though most often used for blends, varietal Grenache examples are available and are typically dry, full-bodied red wines yet light in both color and tannins. As a varietal or a blend, the Grenache grape is something to celebrate.

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