Meet the masterminds behind many Guhde Flooring America installs

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(L-R): Michael Jazbec, Tom Kaliszewski and Philip Rogers have spent their careers doing installation, carpentry and new construction. They work exclusively for Guhde Flooring America. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

You haven’t seen some of the most important employees at Guhde Flooring America splashed across the pages of Mimi Magazine. And the Guhde family thought it was high time you did.

“Even with the best quality products, if they aren’t installed with precision and expert care, the end result won’t work,” says Monica Guhde-Rosa.

Meet the Faithful Installation Crew
Michael Jazbec, Philip Rogers and Tom Kaliszewski have spent their careers doing installation, carpentry and new construction.

“One of the things I like best about this job is being responsible for taking a room or home from ‘before’ to ‘after,’” says Michael.

Phillip agrees, saying most of the time the night-and-day difference, and appreciating that clients spend so much of their hard-earned money and are counting on him, makes the job that much more rewarding in the end.

They all agree that it means a lot to them to create something substantial that will stand the test of time for years and years to come.

When asked about how technology has changed over the decades they’ve been at Guhde, Tom points out, “Over the past six years, the quality of waterproof flooring products, specifically COREtec, has changed dramatically. Technological advancements allow us to do more accurate work in a shorter period of time. It’s also a cleaner method.”

The guys say that creativity comes into play in almost every job, and that they are routinely called to, “go beyond the drawings,” and adapt to changing conditions.

Says Phillip, “Our job is to build something that looks as if it’s always been there.”

You’d think that in their off-hours these three would have hobbies like woodworking, right? Wrong.

Michael’s hobby is astronomy, and he likes to take his family camping to watch the stars. Phillip plays the guitar and ukulele and leads the worship along with his equally musical family at their church in Chardon. And Tom explains that he “looks like a lumberjack and acts like a lumberjack,” which translates into spending time outdoors camping, fishing and hunting.

In the end, the gentlemen say they enjoy working for the Guhde family because they go out of their way to create a top-notch work environment.

This time of year, installers Michael, Tom and Philip are as busy finishing basements as they are kitchen and bath renovations and laying new flooring.

Hibernation Habits of the American Family
This time of year, the installers are as busy finishing basements as they are kitchen and bath renovations and laying new flooring.

Says Monica, “A finished basement is the easiest and most affordable way to add square footage and living space to your home.”

Here are a few bells and whistles she reports they are creating in people’s basements.

  • Home gyms. “Dedicating a separate room in your basement to exercise has become a popular option and we have plenty of unique flooring options for these areas.”
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms. “This is a more affordable option than adding an addition to your home for an in-law suite, which is becoming more popular. And guests will appreciate the privacy of their own space.”
  • The Bar. “Whereas bars have always been a part of basement renovation, they are getting bigger, and more beautiful, than ever and can even include a full kitchen.”

“By the time we’re finished, our clients tell us they spend more time in their basement than their upstairs,” she says.

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