Kaye Construction is taking the newest home remodeling trends and making them beautifully timeless

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Find out how the trusted team at Kaye Construction is embracing the hottest new home remodeling trends and making them beautifully timeless. (Pictured at an in-progress remodeling project, L-R: Joe Kaye, Ron Kaye and Josh Kaye.)

By Laura Briedis

Giving a sneak peek of home remodeling trends in 2020, Kaye Construction points to three key elements: comfort, functionality and natural beauty.

“We have been remodeling homes for decades, helping every homeowner to create a place that’s as functional as it is beautiful,” says Ron Kaye, whose sons Josh and Joe own this family construction company.

With their trademark beards—depicted in the company logo—the Kaye family has earned a reputation for quality workmanship. Leading a successful career in the home remodeling industry for more than 35 years, Ron learned skills from both of his grandfathers—one the ultimate do-it-yourselfer and the other a farmer. He would work with them both on home projects in his teenage years, garnering all the knowledge he could from his role models. And now, a generation later, Ron has passed along his know-how and work ethic to his sons, who he jokingly says were born with a hammer in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.

When you work with Kaye Construction on your home remodeling project, you can count on at least one member of the bearded trio—Ron, Josh and Joe Kaye—to be present during the process.

“You will find the three of us working together on every project,” says Joe. “Unlike bigger home improvement companies, where you never meet the owners, we oversee each job personally and work side by side. You will see one of us working on the job every day.”

While the three of them have seen many design fads come and go over the years, they point to three remodeling trends that they believe have staying power.

Helping Homeowners Age in Place
Kaye Construction is helping homeowners stay in their homes for as long as possible—taking down walls, widening door entries and building first-floor additions so they can age in place. One of the biggest trends they’ve noticed is installation of a big shower stall rather than a bathtub. They have converted many master bathrooms to accommodate sprawling shower stalls.

Kaye Construction is finishing a remodeling job (in-progress photo pictured above) for a local retired couple that wants to age in place. The team removed a wall to build a bigger bathroom where the wife can move about in her wheelchair with ease.

“After we are done remodeling, homeowners can stay in their homes for the rest of their lives if they choose to,” says Ron. “When you add up the price of what it costs for a couple to live in an assisted living facility for just a year, you can remodel a home on average for the same price, and then you are set for life because we make it functional.”

For one Lakewood couple, that meant building a bathroom addition on the back of the house, along with a deck and wheelchair ramp, so they could remain in their home located on a beautiful tree-lined street near the lake. The contractors designed the ramp with a smaller pitch to conform to safety standards, and used composite decking material that requires no maintenance.

This month, Kaye Construction is finishing another remodeling job for a retired couple. “We removed a wall to build a bigger bathroom where the wife could move about in her wheelchair with ease. She is now able to get in and out easily through a 48-inch doorway. We also moved the washer and dryer into the bathroom area, so she can literally do everything from her wheelchair.”

“For us, remodeling is more than just sprucing up a home by adding new flooring and cabinets. We are always thinking about how we can make something more functional,” adds Josh.

Wood-stained Cabinets in High Demand
While white cabinets will always be in style, Kaye Construction reports that they have been installing more stained or painted color cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms recently.

“Homeowners love the quality of stained wood cabinets,” comments Ron. “With the popularity of colored cabinets in recent years, they have the option of either painted or stained cabinets in an array of colors.”

He adds, “The gray hues are very popular right now. Natural wood cabinets are another classic choice. The natural grain is beautiful, so they never really go out of style.”

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Here to Stay
Luxury vinyl flooring is a customer favorite that the Kaye family has installed in many homes recently. It is affordable, durable and can mimic the striking look of wood or stone. Sourced from small local suppliers, the products that Kaye Construction uses are of a much higher quality than what you would find at a big box store.

“Vinyl engineered flooring is more than just a trend—it’s here to stay,” comments Ron. “Vinyl flooring planks are designed for installation in older homes and for use in remodeling projects because they simply float over the older flooring. The prep work is minimal compared to hardwood and ceramic, saving you money.”

To schedule a free estimate, call Kaye Construction at 440-297-2232. Visit KayeHomePros.com for more information and find them on Facebook @Kaye Construction to see current jobs under construction.

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