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Meet the Artist: Jeffrey Dube, Nouveau Jewelry

“If you can dream it, I can manufacture it.” ––Jeffrey Dube, Nouveau Jewelry Local jewelry designer Jeffrey Dube’s motto, bestowed upon him by fans of his work, is the perfect description of the passion and dedication behind the design. In the jewelry business for over 40 years, Jeff started making his custom designs at the tender...

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Meet the Artist: Laurel Herbold, Laurel Herbold Studio

When one puts a paintbrush to a surface, magic can happen. Magic is exactly what Laurel Herbold creates when she wields her brush on walls, floors, accessories and any surface that needs embellishing. “I am above all a painter, but I believe that being a well-rounded artist is paramount,” Laurel explains. “This means being familiar...

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Meet the Artist: Chelsey & Trevor Cain, Citizen Woodshop

When creativity speaks, you should drop what you are doing and listen. Luckily for Northeast East Ohio art enthusiasts, husband and wife team Trevor and Chelsey Cain answered the call when their creativity spoke to them. Each wildly ingenious in their own right, the duo are the founders of Citizen Woodshop, a beautifully original...

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Meet the Artist: Lauren Tatum, Bunny Paige

Having creations on display for the masses at New York Fashion Week is a dream for many artists, but for local jewelry artist Lauren Tatum, creator of the edgy, rebellious, Bunny Paige brand, it is a jewelry obsession turned into reality. “I’ve been making jewelry for myself my whole life, so designing jewelry to sell is just a natural...

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Meet the Artist: Robert Hartshorn, Hartshorn Studios

Robert Hartshorn, owner and principal artist of Cleveland’s Hartshorn Studios, relies on a collaborative effort between the subject of his work and himself—the results observed beautifully in his portraiture and figurative paintings. “I paint everyone from families to executives to college presidents to politicians. For all of my...

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