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Horror short film fest haunts Akron

A new horror short film festival to die for has been created by and for Ohio filmmakers, just in time for those looking for a fright during the Halloween season. The first-ever Akron Independent Horror Short Film Festival will screen 20 short films from local filmmakers across two screens at the Akron Civic Theatre on Saturday, September...

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Help support brighter futures

Every year, the Deepwood Foundation holds a gala fundraiser to support its mission of empowering individuals with developmental disabilities and enriching the quality of their lives by providing support, advocacy, grants and resources. This year’s event, “Deepwood Foundation Gala: Dream Big – A Celebration of Success” will be held on...

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Meet the Artist: Christal Keener, Crystal Moon Designs

Local silversmith Christal Keener finds beauty in the beaches of Lake Erie, taking broken glass that’s been transformed by the churning lake waters and the hands of time into smooth, beautiful gems known as beach glass. She incorporates this into stunning, exclusive jewelry that pays homage to picturesque Great Lakes. Christal discovered her...

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Helping the feral cat community

Area animal shelters are renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty to help cat communities in need. Unfortunately, the feral feline population outnumbers the resources they can provide. In an effort to keep the free-roaming cat population in check, spay and neuter programs are essential to the survival of existing feral cat...

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A Day of Hope is August 26, 2023

When a person is down on their luck, sometimes a slight beacon of hope is all they have left to lean on. Local organization Hope Delivered has partnered with Convoy of Hope and is determined to be that glimmer of hope for local members of the community whose needs exceed their means. The mission of Hope Delivered is to connect and unite the...

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