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There is help for navigating autism

Many parents who learn their child has autism spring into fix-it mode, immediately trying to change the reality of the situation. “We’re constantly thinking maybe this vitamin will work, or that doctor will help. The reality is, we just have to accept our children for who they are and love them for where they’re at,” says Maritza Molis,...

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Sandra Jenkins, owner of Dog Gone Crazy, is just plain nuts about caring for your pet

Sandra Jenkins, owner of Dog Gone Crazy, Inc., is out of her mind. Actually, she’s nuts—about dogs. So much so that, on occasion, you’ll find her curled up in one of the boarding kennels comforting a nervous pooch, or simply spending some quality time with a dog that needs a little extra attention. This elevated level of service is...

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If you’re ready to radically transform your life, this book is for you

By all accounts, Dr. Stephanie Aldrich had it all. With a successful dental practice on the verge of celebrating two decades of superior patient service, a loving marriage and her greatest gift, a young son, growing up happy and content, there was little more she could ask for. But overweight and wondering if her contribution to the world was...

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Haircuts at Kat Lotus Beauty Lounge start at a ridiculously low $29

Kat Khamvongsouk launched her Kat Lotus Beauty Lounge in Medina in 2013 with a focus on natural nail services. Here you’ll find Shellac and the red-hot-right-now dipping powder for nail enhancement. Manicures are just $20, Shellac manicures are $30, and pedicures are a modest $35. There is, however, one critical difference between this...

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Weeds are coming!

Most people probably don’t realize that letting grass clippings lie on the lawn after cutting provides up to 25 percent of its fertilization needs. So, where are you going to get the other 75 percent? “One hundred pounds of lawn clippings can yield as much as four pounds of nitrogen, which plays a big role in nourishing your lawn,” says...

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