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Weeds are coming!

Most people probably don’t realize that letting grass clippings lie on the lawn after cutting provides up to 25 percent of its fertilization needs. So, where are you going to get the other 75 percent? “One hundred pounds of lawn clippings can yield as much as four pounds of nitrogen, which plays a big role in nourishing your lawn,” says...

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One of the best ways to successfully lose weight and keep it off is to hire the right coach

Ryan Tompot has always struggled with his weight. As a married father with young children, he knew his unhealthy eating habits were affecting the food choices his kids made. “They were eating horribly, but I didn’t know how to point them in a different direction,” he says. “I was raised on processed foods that came out of a box, so...

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With TruSculpt iD, fat is heated and immediately begins to dissolve

TruSculpt iD harnesses the power of radio frequency to melt away fat and tighten skin—in just 15 minutes. “This technology operates at a comfortable temperature and incorporates multiple handpieces, which allows me to treat all of your problem areas at once,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, who offers TruSculpt iD at her Dr. Laurel’s PRP...

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Gerri's Closet keeps you first in fashion

I’m sitting with the always effusive Gerri Talevich, owner of Gerri’s Closet, arguably one of the most popular consignment shops in Northern Ohio, when she leans in close and in her best stage whisper tells me the woman at the counter is none other than fashion blogger and style consultant Meghan Dyer. Meghan, Gerri reveals, is a regular...

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Perk up your pucker

As we age, says Dr. Laurel Matthews, the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar who is also a master injector, the corners of our lips disappear, making us look like our face is caving in and our jowls are sagging. Adding filler to the corners of the mouth can instantly improve the entire lower portion of the face. “Filler in the lips isn’t...

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