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Let HealthMarkets Agent Roni Bell explain your and explore your ACA options

Although Barack has departed and Donald taken his place, nothing about Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) for 2019 has changed. People without employer sponsored healthcare are required to have health insurance under the law. But there is an interesting wrinkle that falls outside the governance of the act that may have people who participate in...

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As part of the Meaningful Moments program at Cardinal Court and Greenfield Estates, residents have the opportunity to revisit their personal holiday traditions

Maybe your life is full. Really full. Between the kids, the spouse, the job and the house, keeping track of what your aging parent is doing on a day-to-day basis might not be part of the program. Or maybe you only see Mom or Dad during the holidays, when it’s easy for her or him to smile, nod and blend in at parties and family gatherings...

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You don’t have to pay more for better flooring

Most people recognize Brian Erickson’s Floorz as offering a sophisticated, high-end buying experience. One that comes complete with designer input on color and style, and includes premium installation backed by a lifetime warranty. But there’s one thing this 20-year veteran of the flooring industry won’t do—gimmicks. “Ours is an...

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Consider a second pair of eyes

Everything in life is eventually touched by change. People, circumstances, relationships, marital status, family status, your job…all of these can evolve and differ over time. That’s why it’s important to review your estate documents at least every five years, says attorney Linda Nabors, who works with her husband, Jay, who is also...

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When it comes to the kitchen or bathroom coating refinishing process, you get what you pay for with Miracle Method

Everyone price shops, but nobody walks into a car dealership and expects to pay the same price for a Chevy as they would for a Mercedes. Like products equal like prices. The same goes for the Miracle Method of Cleveland refinishing process. You won’t pay the same price for a competitor’s refinishing process that you will for a Miracle...

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