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A Final Thought: Traveling Back In Time

Last week a friend asked me what I would do if I could travel back in time—one time and one time only. Where would I go? What would I choose to see? I know enough about “the Butterfly Effect” to understand that I would not dare change a thing. With my luck, I’d inadvertently interrupt my parents’ on the night of my conception and...

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Proper Access can give you blazing fast WiFi in every room in your house and every corner of your property, with a hack-proof guarantee

You know the scenarios: You’re binge watching your favorite show on Netflix when the screen suddenly goes black and the buffering wheel appears; or your Zoom meeting freezes with the warning, “Your internet connection is unstable.”; or you ask Alexa a questions and she replies, “I cannot connect to the internet,” as your kids are...

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A Final Thought: My Battle with Covid-19

On Friday, November 6, I sat outside by my firepit with a couple of neighbors until well into the evening. On Saturday morning I woke up foggy, tired and a little congested. I assumed it was from staying out in the night air, breathing smoke from the fire, and having perhaps one bourbon too many. As fate would have it, one of my youngest...

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Exscape Designs is helping Northeast homeowners live the life they want to live outdoors

Although the autumn leaves haven’t finished falling, now is the time to start thinking about summer fun in 2021, especially after the summer we just had, one in which we’ve all learned an important lesson: don’t wait to enjoy life in our own backyard. But to enjoy next summer to its fullest, it’s wise to start planning now. Savvy...

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A Final Thought: The Post-truth World

There is much talk these days about the “post-truth era” in which we live, where facts are threatened by conspiracy theories that find eager audiences online, and where science is brought into question in the name of freedom of expression. “If I believe the world is flat,” the flat earthers argue, “you cannot disagree with me,...

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