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Northeast Ohio cardiologist Dr. Terry Gordon’s new book reveals powerful lessons about the immortal nature of life...and the illusion death

When I picked up Dr. Terry Gordon’s new book No Beginning…No End: A Cardiologist Discovers There Is No Such Thing As Death, I assumed it would be an effort to convince the reader of the existence of an afterlife, perhaps using Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence as a evidence of the soul’s immortality. Yes, there is a bit of that,...

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Goodyear CIO Sherry Neubert is out to save your life, but this time it has nothing to do with tires

Sherry Neubert’s family medical history reads like a Charles Dickens novel: It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. On her father’s side are centenarians; Sherry has attended many family birthday celebrations featuring 100 candles on the cake. On her mother’s side the news is not so good; she has attended many funerals of...

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A Final Thought: Tales of Winter

It is mid-February when seasonal affective disorder peaks and I fall into the pit of despair—the cold, the snow, the grey skies, the still-short days. I try to go south in late winter, but not this year. Instead I’m headed to Traverse City, Michigan, to go ice fishing with some buddies. It’s madness, I know, but it’s on my bucket...

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The stunning new venue known as The Aviator Event Center & Pub will open in a few short weeks in the former home of the 100th Bomb Group overlooking Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

The Aviator Event Center & Pub—opening this spring—is transforming the former 100th Bomb Group location beside Cleveland Hopkins International Airport into a stunning venue for weddings and other gatherings. Here’s everything you need to know, including its deep connection to Strongsville. It’s about to take flight. The...

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A Final Thought: Virtual Reality

My father’s sister died on December 30 and on January 6 I found myself in a suit and tie lifting her casket onto the steel rollers in the back of a hearse in Phenix City, Alabama. I had to go to the funeral; she was my father’s only sibling and one of the sweetest people I have ever known—and the last of a generation except for her...

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