Proper Access can give you blazing fast WiFi in every room in your house and every corner of your property, with a hack-proof guarantee

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The Proper Access team includes (L-R) Mason Hageman, Dustin Vitello, Matthew Stevenhagen (chief marketing officer), Robert Matthews, Sean O’Brien (founder), Brian Stanley and Alex Matthews. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mitch Allen

You know the scenarios: You’re binge watching your favorite show on Netflix when the screen suddenly goes black and the buffering wheel appears; or your Zoom meeting freezes with the warning, “Your internet connection is unstable.”; or you ask Alexa a questions and she replies, “I cannot connect to the internet,” as your kids are screaming, “Mom! Can you reboot the router again!? I can’t log into class!”

While spending hours on hold with Spectrum may seem like your only option, it’s not likely to resolve the issue. That’s because the problem is not with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It’s your network, or, rather, the lack thereof.

WiFi Where You Need It
“In today’s larger homes, it’s almost impossible to get fast WiFi where you need it with range extenders,” explains Sean O’Brien, the founder of Proper Access, which specializes in creating and maintaining blazing fast WiFi in every room of your house. “What you really need is a true network. That’s what we do. Rather than trying to jump a weak signal with a mesh unit, we actually wire your house for proper access.”

Proper Access clients are typically families with homes from 3,500 to 20,000 square feet, large enough that a standard WiFi solution just won’t work.

“Our goal is to give you fast WiFi wherever you are on your property,” Sean says. “We can even create an air fiber bridge to beam high-speed signals to barns, outbuildings, pool houses, tennis courts—wherever you need it.”

While most WiFi systems can barely handle two TVs running Netflix at the same time, the Proper Access WiFi solution can serve up to 500 smart WiFi devices. That may seem like a lot right now, but just wait.

“In the next couple of years, anything that has a power button will be connected to WiFi,” says chief marketing officer Matt Stevenhagen. “Already it’s phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, Alexa, doorbells, cameras, watches, light bulbs, thermostats, security systems, washers, dryers, refrigerators, garage doors and landscape lighting. Next year even your Keurig coffee maker will have WiFi—and so will a lot of other things.”

Hack-Proof and Future-Proof
In addition to WiFi speeds up to 100 times faster than you’re likely experiencing now, Proper Access also eliminates dead zones in your home. Plus, they offer a hack-proof guarantee—thanks in part to Sean’s training as a U.S. Army, non-commissioned communications officer where he held a top secret security clearance. “This is the fastest, most secure WiFi platform you can own,” Sean says. “That means you can bank, shop, stream and never worry about having your information or your ID stolen.”

The system is not only hack-proof, it’s also future-proof, meaning whatever new gadgets, gizmos, and whiz bangs arrive in the future, you are ready to take advantage of them immediately.

In addition to fast, reliable WiFi and hack-proof security, you also never have to be on hold with your internet service provider again. “We have strong relationships with all area ISPs—including Spectrum—so if your internet goes down, you call us, not them,” Matt explains. “As a preferred client working on your behalf, we have immediate access to Spectrum support techs. They respond to us in seconds, not hours.”

Getting Started
To find out if Proper Access is right for you, you don’t have to phone into a call center and get placed on hold. Instead, call Matt Stevenhagen at 330-618-7756. Not only is he a co-owner of the company, that’s his personal cell phone number. If you prefer, email him at

Matt will work with you to quickly schedule a site survey to determine what size network is best for you. While on your property, the company follows strict Covid-19 protocols, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

“We call it ‘no-worries WiFi,’” Sean concludes, “because that’s what it is. You get speed, reliability, security and fast concierge service. You leave all the worrying to us.”

Proper Access serves all of Northeast Ohio out of its company headquarters at 23711 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 120 in Beachwood. The office phone is 440-462-1303, but feel free to schedule your site visit by calling Matt Stevenhagen on his cell at 330-618-7756. The website is