The focus at Auto Oasis Car Wash is on the finished product: A clean, dry vehicle when you leave

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Kurt and Tom Loos’ Wadsworth Auto Oasis has so many high-tech bells and whistles, your vehicle will be begging to get clean. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

“Nothing about what we offer is duplicated elsewhere in Northeast Ohio,” insists Tom Loos, one half of the brother-brother ownership team at the just-launched Wadsworth Auto Oasis. “You’d have to drive to Columbus to find a wash like this. We customized the building to our exact specifications. Our goal was to build a car wash that demonstrated the latest advancements in the industry, from a modern-style building with lots of windows to the open-bay (no tunnel) method of moving cars through.”

Tom, who is an engineer by trade, partnered with his brother, Kurt Loos, to construct the newest introduction to the north side of Wadsworth. Both men have more than 20 years of experience in the car wash industry, and Kurt, a former NASA engineer, was instrumental in the Oasis’ creation.

“This venture represents all of the techniques I’ve perfected over the years,” says Kurt, the former owner of Montrose Laser Wash and the guy who makes annual trips to car wash trade shows throughout the country.

“We’ve hand-chosen every high-tech wash element available on the market today and assembled them into one superior experience. But it’s not just about creating a stellar wash for your vehicle. We’ve also focused on making sure our customers have every cleaning convenience right at their fingertips. And, because we know that people like to connect with other people, we’ve made it personal by having on-site wash concierges to facilitate the process and a payment window where you can interact with a live person if you choose.”

Tom, who lives in Wadsworth, was no less instrumental in the opening of the new venture.

“I wanted to be a bigger part of the community where I live and shop,” Tom says. “The investment by the city in this part of town has been impressive, and we wanted to be involved in the continued growth.”

Located directly behind the Get-Go filling station, Wadsworth Auto Oasis is a perfect complement to the flow and feel of the gas station’s location. At a grand two-stories tall, with vivid red accents, the Oasis takes every aspect of the traditional car wash and blasts it away. Inside, a warm and cozy greenhouse-like feel is as inviting on chilly days as it is on warmer ones. The enormous glass-enclosed expanse makes the equipment appear to float. There is no claustrophobic dark tunnel to contend with. And the best part is, you’re in and out in under two minutes.

“We definitely created an aesthetically pleasing building, but that doesn’t make much of a difference if the results aren’t where they need to be,” Tom states. “Our focus is on the finished product—a clean, dry vehicle when you leave.”

Entry into the wash area happens courtesy of an in-floor, dual-belt conveyor system that moves your vehicle along. There is no chain and roller pipe system to damage your wheels or rims. Any size or width of vehicle, up to seven feet tall—truck, car, SUV, minivan, luxury, sports car—can fit inside the wash.

And because Tom and Kurt refuse to compromise on quality, every wash is a hot water wash, which activates the soap better. Every rinse uses reverse osmosis water that’s free of minerals. The sequence in the wash was uniquely customized by industry experts with input from Tom and Kurt.

The wraps that wash your car aren’t the giant rubber fingers of yesteryear. Instead, dangling noodles of soft foam and the softest cloth caress your car for a gentle clean. Your vehicle is rinsed not once but twice. If you opt for it, your undercarriage gets the VIP treatment, and, at the end of the process, a high-pressure rinse is followed by a trip through the wheel blasters (another option) where tires and rims are gently scrubbed and cleaned as the equipment follows the movement of the car.

Twenty blowers pumping out 1.8 million BTUs of heat ensure your car is as dry as it can possibly be before the door opens and you’re on your way.

“It’s the maximum number of dryers we could offer,” Tom smiles. “It’s like a power squeegee.”

“We didn’t compromise on quality, and we made it a point to maximize value,” he adds. “That’s why outside we have 10 free vacuums available to customers. And the best part is, no matter how many people are using the vacuums, the same pressure is maintained. The angled nozzle on each vacuum ensures a perfect clean in the hardest to reach interior places.”

As if the idea of unlimited washes starting at just $27 a month wasn’t enough, the brothers are discounting every car wash club membership for the first three months, so you can get a soft-touch wash, spot-free rinse and power air dry starting at just $20 per month. The unlimited premium package, available for a discounted $40 per month, includes a soft-touch wash, spot-free rinse, power air dry, underbody wash, wheel cleaner, a triple foam polish, a hot lava presoak, Rain-x clear coat sealer, tire shine and ArmorAll extreme shine wax.

Wadsworth Auto Oasis is located behind the Get-Go gas station, at 981 High Street (Rt. 94) in Wadsworth. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. The phone number is 330-331-5257 and you can find them online at or Facebook and Instagram.