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At MaxStrength Fitness clients participate in twice-weekly workouts that can produce life-changing results

Angela Van Der Oord of Avon Lake admits to being a gym-aphobe. She says she’s always been put off by gyms and fitness equipment. Luckily, she’s an avid tennis player and has never had an issue with her weight. But when this bubbly Baby Boomer turned the calendar over from her 60s to her 70s, she began to notice a few aches and pains...

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The new Studio 3 Salon in Strongsville promises to offer the ultimate in relaxation and pampering

At the newly opened Studio 3 Salon in Strongsville, staff members don’t just “service clients,” they “treat guests” to a heightened level of relaxation, pampering and style. “I see us as an oasis, a lovingly curated space for people to come discover a spa menu that promises peace and rejuvenation,” says founder Rachelle Yarnell,...

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At Altenheim Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living, their motto “We’ve always stood for family” rings true—and it’s making a huge difference in the lives of their residents.

Isolation can be confusing and traumatic—particularly for people with dementia. That’s why Linda Begley, activity director at Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living at Altenheim, quickly arranged FaceTime visits between residents and family members when Ohio’s Covid-19 isolation orders went immediately into effect last...

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Now is the time to stop cleaning your gutters

Early in Lerner and Loewe’s hit musical Camelot, when King Arthur is describing the absolute perfection of his kingdom to Guinevere, the future queen asks, “And I suppose the autumn leaves fall into neat little piles?” And the king answers, “Oh no, my lady. They blow away night, of course.” Unfortunately, Northeast...

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Home maintenance: Protecting your concrete

If freezing temperatures arrived politely on December 21 and left all at once before St. Patrick’s Day, you probably wouldn’t need to clean and seal your driveway. But that’s not how Jack Frost works. He’s constantly coming and going—freezing and thawing—all winter long, a process that causes our concrete driveways to chip,...

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