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Now is the time to eliminate grime, mold, and mildew from your home

Years ago I participated in the professional development program known as the Disney Institute. During one seminar, we learned that Walt Disney World sees its top competition as a new roof. In other words, a family must decide, “Is this the year we go to Disney World or the year we get a new roof?” Never has this notion been more relevant...

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Prescriptions covered

When we choose a health insurance carrier for coverage, prescriptions are often an important part of the puzzle. A benefit to working with me to find the coverage that works best for your situation is that I can help you determine if your medication is covered by a particular plan, or not. If it isn’t, I have the resources in place to find you...

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Royalton CBD tells us about the new wellness norm

Opened by Rob Berg this spring, Royalton CBD Wellness Boutique offers a wide range of products, from oils and soaps to lotions and beverages. “I found my passion for CBD four years ago when I was introduced to it to help my anxiety,” says Rob. “Almost overnight I felt better than I had in years. Nothing else had produced such an effect...

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With masked mouths the norm these days, people may suddenly realize their hearing loss has been uncovered.

Wearing face masks has become an everyday protocol. You keep them everywhere, at the ready—in your purse, your car, your back pocket—so you’re prepared for whenever you walk into a public place. But what’s not an everyday thing is what masks might actually be unmasking…hearing loss. “Wearing a mask muffles speech...

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The power of acupuncture

One of my patients came to me following a battle with cancer. After having his kidney removed and enduring chemotherapy for treatment, he was weak and his systems were weak. He tried everything to get back to feeling normal. Post chemotherapy, it typically takes one to two years for a person to feel like themselves again. I suggested changes to...

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