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Create instant curb appeal

The real estate landscape is starting to come back down to earth amid rising mortgage rates. Buyers are less likely to exceed the list price and pay top dollar, even as the available housing stock remains low. You can sell yourself short by giving buyers an excuse to back out or reconsider. Some buyers may not even reach the front door when...

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Although Northport Flooring America has the next generation of owners at the helm, this landmark store remains committed to excellence

Northport Flooring America is an Akron landmark. In April, a longtime owner who helped put it on the map retired, but not before charting a course for the next generation. In his 40-year career, Harold Musci, along with Derek Fay, established the location their predecessor named Northport for its proximity to the intersection of Northampton...

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When you’ve curated an exceptional flooring, kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience, you get one-stop shopping at Kiba Studios

MDG Flooring America offers something for its longtime customers they can’t pull off the shelf just anywhere. For them, reliability and trust are the family-operated showroom’s signature brands. For over two decades, MDG Flooring America has served customers in its 5,000-square-foot showroom in Medina whenever they needed to upgrade their...

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Maybe it’s time to have a trained professional take a look at your trees

Summer has landed, and it’s bloom or bust for your yard’s trees. By now, most trees have leafed out, and any tree that hasn’t is a strong indication that it’s dead, diseased or distressed. Whatever the case, it’s time for a diagnosis from the trained eye of a professional tree care service. In and around Medina County, the...

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Can you DIY your garage floor?

The garage is what we put into it. Bit by bit, bric-a-brac piles up, and unsightly stains cover the concrete. Inevitably, homeowners reach a point and say, “enough is enough” and decide to take control. The garage is ground zero for home maintenance and refurbishing it might seem like another DIY project. But not every DIY project is...

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