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“We take a patient-centered approach with physical therapy and wellness treatments and can provide an effective alternative to surgery and medications to treat ailments,” says Dr. Cara Ogren

Our wellness center provides holistic care, manual therapy and one-on-one interaction with patients—integrating wellness services into all our care.

Filling a void in women’s health care services, we address the specials needs of conditions that disproportionately affect women. Plus we specialize in conditions that affect everyone, such as back pain, pelvic floor and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and TMJ conditions.

Specialized Treatments
Providing an effective alternative to surgery and medications, we perform dry needling and biofeedback to treat ailments. We can incorporate wellness services, health coaching and meditation into all of our sessions as billable therapeutic activity, allowing patients to take steps to further their goals and increase likelihood to succeed with physical therapy.

Our expertise allows us to effectively treat diverse conditions in a serene clinical environment and our conservative approach allows us to use noninvasive treatment methods with a high level of patient carryover to home programs.

Fitness Training & Massage Therapy
Patients can continue exercise programs with our athletic trainer including fitness classes and fitness training and can engage in manual massage therapy with a licensed massage therapist.

Debunking the myth that physical therapy is needed just for post operation or after an injury, more than half of our patients come here for preventative wellness treatments to boost their overall well-being. So give us a call and see how we combine benefits of physical therapy and wellness services to treat the whole you.