Exactly the way: This is how you sell your home and keep more of your money

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Top Exactly real estate agent Aaron Peterson is the “work hard, play hard” adage personified. By putting this keen sense of adventure and energy into his career, he makes the often stressful task of selling your home more fun. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Laura Briedis

Aaron Peterson takes to heart the mantra “work hard, play hard.” While hard work underlines the character of a person, what someone does in their free time gives you a better glimpse into their personality. And for Aaron, his dynamic, can-do persona touches everything he does in life.

As one of Exactly’s top real estate agents, he also enjoys boating, scuba diving, snowboarding, corralling horses, and going on outdoor adventures with his cat, Smokey in his beloved 1988 Volkswagen Vanagon. His real passion, though, is traveling (he has visited 35 countries with extended stays in Bali and the Philippines). He’s currently in the process of getting his pilot’s license.

Aaron brings this same sense of adventure and energy to his job and makes selling your home—which often can be very stressful—more fun.

“My goal is to help homeowners make the most amount of money from the sale of their home, sell their home as quickly as possible, and do it with as little stress as possible,” says Aaron.

Aaron Peterson joined the Exactly real estate team because he shares the same philosophy. The cornerstone of its home-selling process is a flat-rate fee structure.

Born in Georgia, he still has lots of that Southern charm and hospitable nature. Mixed with the Midwest’s strong work ethic, it’s the perfect balance to be successful in the real estate market. It’s also that something different that makes him stand out from all the other real estate agents in town.

An expert in the local real estate market, Aaron resides in Portage Lakes, where you can find him paddleboarding every morning on the lake, and at times speeding things up Jet Skiing or slowing it down relaxing on a pontoon boat.

With a business degree from Liberty University, he brings a strong business acumen to the real estate business.

“I have been in the real estate industry for 20-plus years selling homes, investing in homes and rehabbing homes, so I know all the different aspects of real estate,” says Aaron. “I joined the Exactly real estate team because I share the same philosophy.

“It doesn’t seem fair for a homeowner of a $500,000 listing to pay so much more commission than someone selling a $200,000 home, when the work the real estate agent does is the same. I wanted to find a way to be more fair and just.”

The cornerstone of Exactly’s home selling process is a flat-rate fee structure. The company handles everything from the initial in-home consultation to delivering the keys to the buyer for a $4,800 package fee, instead of a percentage of the sale.

“Our fees are transparent, so the homeowner knows exactly what is due to us,” says Aaron. “And if the buyer has a real estate agent, then there could be other fees you negotiate with their real estate agent.”

The home-selling process is simple: An Exactly real estate agent meets with the homeowner to discuss goals, provides an in-depth comparative market analysis, does a walk-though to make sure everything is ready in the home, creates a marketing plan and lists the home.

“The seller will know down to the penny how much money they will get from a prospective offer, thus helping with our negotiation strategy,” says Aaron, who volunteers every Tuesday evening at a local nonprofit that offers equine therapy, and once a month serving coffee and donuts at The Chapel in Green.

A top real estate agent with a passion for just about everything, Exactly’s Aaron Peterson is pictured here with Smokey the cat, Sassy the miniature horse, Zia the quarter horse, Marge the silkie chicken, and Ernie, his beloved 1988 Volkswagen Vanagon.

“I go above and beyond to help my clients get top dollar for their property while saving them money with our flat fee,” he says. “There are few times in our lives when we can capture large chunks of money and selling a home is definitely one of those times. I love seeing people build generational wealth and I love even more seeing people keep that wealth when they go to sell. It’s extremely fulfilling.”

The Savings Add Up!
With Exactly’s $4,800 flat-rate fee, instead of a percentage of the home sale, the savings really add up. Here are some homes that sold recently for a premium price.

• 4097 Highpoint Drive in Green: Sold for $450,000, $50,000 over asking price and client saved $5,200 by using Exactly over a traditional Realtor.
• 1555 Country View in Kent: More than 30 people came through the open house and resulted in multiple offers. Exactly helped the client negotiate the best scenario for their out-of state relocation. Sold for $445,000, $15,000 over asking and a savings to the client of $5,000.
• 503 Zahn Drive in Akron: Sold for $228,000 ($9,000 over list price). Seller tried to sell it herself for months. Exactly sold it in less than a week.

To list your house or for more information, call 330-984-0909 or visit ExactlyNEO.com. Exactly Real Estate is located at 209 South Main Street, 6th Floor, in Akron.