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You need omega-3s

Do you eat fatty fish like salmon or sardines at least three times every week? If not, you are likely not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are nutrients that are essential to health—heart health, brain health, digestive health, joint health and immune health. And, unlike other nutrients that your body can manufacture,...

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Fig Leaf Coffee Company might just be roasting & pouring the world’s best coffee with premium beans sourced from across the globe

We’ve all noticed spiking prices on just about everything recently, and our daily coffee boost is no exception. Tom Nemeth, founder of Fig Leaf Coffee Company, a specialty coffee roaster in Chesterland, is roasting the finest quality, specialty beans he sources from all around the world. He sympathizes with the current plight of coffee...

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The wildly popular Village Trends Boutique supports locally owned businesses smartly outfitting women across Northeast Ohio

Village Trends Boutique in Chesterland is celebrating its third anniversary. It wasn’t easy having a store less than a year old when the pandemic hit, but Village Trends not only survived, it thrived, adding another store in Chardon in 2019 and a third opening July 2 in Mayfield. “The last two years were difficult for small businesses,...

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Lucky Shoes grand opening locations just in time for spring

When Joseph Luck emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine, in the early 1900s, he arrived through Ellis Island and became a tenement tailor in New York City before heading west to the booming rubber town of Akron, Ohio. He started selling clothing and boots from a push cart in 1914, and opened his first storefront in 1919. Now—103 years...

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Cashing in on Spring Cleaning at Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins

Spring is associated with everything from weddings and graduations to more reflective topics like rebirth, new beginnings and, of course, cleaning. Whether you’re in need of a special occasion gift, wanting to get rid of the past and start fresh, or you’ve been cleaning out your house this winter, Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins can help no...

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