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Retire on your own timeline

Bill and Brody Fiesler, father and son owners of Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, have seen it too many times. Somebody delays retirement then tragically is not around to enjoy it very long. “Unfortunately, people sometimes delay retirement because they’re afraid of running out of money,” Brody says. “Sound planning and the right...

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Legal forms for school kids

As the kiddos head off to school this month, the barrage of forms, physicals, school supply-buying and preparation comes to an end. But one consideration you may not have thought of is having the appropriate legal forms in place for your school-age or college-age children. Attorney Margaret T. Karl provides some insight. “It’s...

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The Luxury Home Experts at Platinum Real Estate has buyers ready to live on the shores of Lake Erie

To describe the current home-selling market along Lake County’s ultra-desirable lakefront, Denise Zervos has one not-too-technical term: “bananas.” She and husband Mark command the powerhouse selling team at Platinum Real Estate the Luxury Home Experts. Over the past year, they’ve grown to become local leaders in this high-end market...

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Inspired by the natural wonders of Hawaii, Disney’s Aulani resort celebrates the rich history and culture, along with lush, themed pools, a lazy river, rapids, waterslides and encounters with Disney characters

Now that we are fully in back-to-school mode, with our calendars and vacation opportunities synched, Jackie Klemenc has been busy helping families plan their vacations for the holidays and into 2024. Her clients say they enjoy her “white glove” level of service and expertise. And since Jackie’s travel services are complimentary, working...

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Life insurance living benefits

Most people understand life insurance to be a financial tool that protects their loved ones when they pass away, providing needed funds for bills, college and more. What they may not realize is that life insurance can also be a vital resource to help support the policy holder while he or she is still alive. By choosing a policy with a living...

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