How to get your asking price for your home

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BOLD Real Estate Consultants has a near-perfect list-to-sale price ratio of 99.03 percent. Here’s how they do it.

By Adam Cook

In the spring, when there are more houses on the market, fortune favors the bold. For proof, those in the market to sell need to look no further than the Bold Real Estate Consultants and their list-to-sale price ratio of 99.03 percent.

Bold Real Estate Consultants’ near perfect list-to-sale price ratio stands out against the market average of 96.6 percent. It means Bold Real Estate sellers get their asking price and don’t settle for less than what their home is worth.

“We’re netting our sellers 2.43 percent more,” says Team Leader Sajag Patel. “We understand the market, so we’re able to position our sellers in ways that are going to generate more offers.”

There are more homes on the market in the spring because sellers tend to wait until April and May to list, hoping to capitalize on the rush. The weather is perfect for house hunting and parents buying a house have time over the summer to get settled into their surroundings before the start of the next school year.

“There’s more competition as inventory levels start to peak in late spring,” says Sajag.

Getting in on the spring rush pays off only when sellers get noticed.

According to the staff at Bold Real Estate Consultants, many sellers price themselves out of the market before buyers take notice. When buyers suspect a house is overpriced, they look the other way.

“Setting an asking price to market value creates demand and creates an auction effect,” says Sajag.

“Setting an asking price too high cuts down on the number of offers—a listing may only get one offer as opposed to three or four offers. It’s the competing offers that drive the price up.”

After asking price, buyers focus on the condition of a house.

“Sellers don’t have to spend a lot of money to make their homes stand out,” says Sajag.

“Simply painting walls in a neutral color and making sure the floors are in good shape can give sellers a big return on investment. Presentation pays because a seller never knows when a buyer will walk through the door.”

Bold Real Estate Consultants does an open house for each of its listings.

“We do professional staging and photography,” says Sajag. “And each open house is an event. We invite the neighbors—we make at least 100 calls to the surrounding homes before and the day of the open house,” adds Bold Real Estate Consultant Linay Lencioni.

“We have banner flags and send out targeted postcards, and yet we always tell our sellers their first showing is online.”

Bold recently unfurled a new role—marketing coordinator.

“I don’t know of any other real estate companies that have a marketing coordinator whose responsibility is to get listings out there and noticed—online,” says Linay.

Kortney Ferrell is responsible for reaching across all social media platforms—Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram—in ways that connect with buyers.

“We use social media strategically,” says Kortney. “On Facebook, a person might scroll through and miss an open house invite, but if a person is following us on Instagram, then the same post will be hard to miss because it pops up on the top of the feed. We fully leverage all of our platforms to engage buyers.”

If you ask anyone on staff at the Bold Real Estate Consultants, buyers take notice in spring, so it’s the best time to sell your home to maximize your selling price.

BOLD Real Estate Consultants is associated with Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southwest. Find them at 50 Pearl Road, Suite 106, in Brunswick. Phone 440-879-7260 or visit to complete a consultation request form.