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Getting a good night’s sleep

Although “vein care” is positioned prominently in the name of our practice, our entire staff focuses on the overall health of our patients. After all, staying safe means staying healthy. This holistic approach includes reducing inflammation and improving your overall cardiovascular function, but it also includes everything from diet and...

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If you’re a runner, what you put on your feet and your body matters

Whether you are an elite runner, a casual walker or are interested in hitting the trails for the first time, finding the best shoe, fit to the unique biomechanics of your foot, will ensure you reap the maximum benefits from the experience. Achilles Running Shop—the only foot and ankle surgeon-owned specialty store of its kind in...

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The uninvited holiday guest

The potatoes have been passed, the turkey slathered in gravy, and as you reach for the cranberry sauce you wince. Like a drunk uncle who can’t take the hint, your hemorrhoid has decided to join you for dinner—and it wants allll the attention. It’s burning. It’s itching. It’s bleeding. And it just won’t stop. Hemorrhoids...

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Residents of Aberdeen Crossings and Beachwood Commons can finally feel the love from family members, in person

The holidays are upon us and the residents of Aberdeen Crossings in Highland Heights and Beachwood Commons in Beachwood plan on celebrating. In fact, these assisted living communities have been celebrating holidays, birthdays, and even ordinary days these past several months, just like they always do, but with precautions in...

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Custom Stone House is making a stunning fireplace renovation the hottest home improvement project this season

It has been said that a house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. A fireplace adds extra warmth during the cooler months, creates a stunning design focal point, and increases your home’s value—making it the perfect home renovation project. “Your fireplace really is the showpiece inside your home,” says Ronnie Stout,...

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