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Lake Metroparks Farmpark is open

Making a return to all the joyful things we used to love before the “P” word hit around this time last year, one of Mimi’s favorite outings will be to Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, which reopened on Friday, March 5. There’s nothing more invigorating than interacting with animals up close and personal, and learning about their...

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Chippewa Place in Brecksville is celebrating a triumphant return to activities and a livelier spring and summer

March is traditionally associated with the color green, from St. Patrick’s Day to the arrival of spring. At Chippewa Place in Brecksville, celebrating the return to green is an everyday endeavor. “We’re still following Covid protocols, but it just feels like a rebirth around here,” says Alison Schillero, Director of the...

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If you’re ready to feather your nest in Florida, Platinum Luxury Experts can help you sell and buy in both markets

Anyone who has ever lolled on the sugar-sand beaches of Florida’s sun-dappled coasts during spring break knows the question that looms during the return trip home. Wouldn’t it be nice to live there? It turns out many Clevelanders follow up on that and end up buying second homes or retirement homes in Florida. Mark and Denise...

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Put your best face forward with help from Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Just in time for spring, Smith Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Concord is introducing a new facial treatment called Hydrodermabrasion to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. “This anti-aging treatment offers the best of all esthetic modalities, including oxygen infusion to plump, hydrate and energize tired cells; ultrasound therapy to stimulate...

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Now's the time to find the insurance that fits your needs

Last year, many of us may have felt a bit out of sorts…postponing doctors’ appointments, skipping family events, and even forgetting to brush our teeth. Becoming accustomed to a “new normal” and “staying safe” claimed most of our attention. The new presidential administration, aware of the fact that many Americans also missed...

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