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A home for the holidays

While we’re still enjoying Northeast Ohio’s gorgeous summer, some other folks are working to bring us one of the region’s most anticipated holiday traditions—the fifth annual Home Builders Association Charitable & Education Foundation’s “A Home for the Holidays.” This annual raffle fundraiser gives away a gorgeous, brand-new...

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The merger of Sewer Cleaning Company and Osbourn Plumbing & Heating creates a combined company that can do it all

When it comes to business mergers and acquisitions, the strategy is often to bring together two competitors to reduce competition. But sometimes the merger is designed to make two non-competitors better by allowing them to offer a fuller suite of services. It’s like bringing together French fries and ketchup, macaroni and cheese, or sweet...

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You’re just a stretch away from living your best life

Take a wild guess at America’s fastest-growing sport. Is that a collective “pickleball” I hear? That’s right. In 2023, 36.5 million people played pickleball at least once. And maybe the reason some played only once is because they didn’t stretch first. It’s a pickleball world, and we’re just living in it. So, let’s start...

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The Cuyahoga County Fair is back with more rides, food and fun than ever before

There’s nothing more synonymous with summertime than a good old-fashioned county fair. Lucky for us to be able to enjoy one of the best in the Midwest, in our back yard. From midway rides to horse shows, celebrity appearances, arts and crafts, beer and wine gardens, farm animals and shows galore, the 127th Cuyahoga County Fair, themed...

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Enter to win during the Baths R Us Christmas in July summer giveaway

Tile can look nice in a shower or tub surround, but it also can create a major headache, cautions Chad Howman, owner of Baths R Us. “Tile grout is porous, and when water gets into the grout it can get behind the tile,” Chad explains. “Because mold and mildew grow where it’s wet and dark, you can end up with a big patch of mold or...

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