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Find out why the Medina Auto Mall has the best deals on Buick, GMC and Cadillac in Ohio. Pictured are Sales Managers Tim Rollins (left) and Alex Kash. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The folks at Medina Auto Mall are masters at the art of the deal, and that’s one of the biggest reasons they are number one in volume sales of Buick and GMC in the state of Ohio.

“We have broken our own sales records for the past 23 months in a row, and have already sold 919 cars this year,” reports Sales Manager Alex Kash. “If there’s one word for why we’ve been so successful, I’d say it’s commitment. We are committed to giving our customers the best deals around, period.”

He says making every point of contact throughout the buying experience as satisfying as possible to the customer is also part of their mission.

“Our sales staff is seasoned, and very much in tune with the needs of our customers,” he says. “Offhand, I would say more than 70 percent of our business is repeat or referral, and that is not by accident.”

Their reviews chime in with similar adjectives…“hassle-free shopping,” “smooth process,” “friendly and knowledgeable salespeople.”

The award-winning Medina Auto Mall has significantly invested in making the online shopping and buying experience as easy as possible for their customers. The sales team can do fast appraisals over the phone, as well as deliver new vehicles to your doorstep.

“Our staff of 12 salespeople has earned a reputation for honesty and transparency,” notes Alex.

Ryan D. of Brunswick says,

“I was told by another GMC dealership that there was no way they could come close to the payment I needed for the truck I wanted. Tim Rollins (Sales Manager at Medina Auto Mall) didn’t even blink and we were able to come to a great understanding.”

Reinvigorating the Buick Brand
According to Consumer Reports, the Buick brand has “reinvigorated and expanded its portfolio of late, and it is now quite the international brand, sourcing models from around the globe.”

“Yes, Buick has made a name for itself as a luxury ride, but its dependability and made-in-America appeal have helped catapult it as well,” Alex comments.

“Hands-down our best-selling Buick is the Encore SUV. It’s compact luxury at its very best. We are selling them as fast as they are making them. I think they check all the important boxes for people now. They offer luxury appeal with sleek design, yet are roomy and comfortable, with plenty of space to fit what a modern family needs. It’s also won an award from Kelley Blue Book.”

They sell Cadillac and GMC as well. Alex reports their hottest selling ride for Cadillac is the XT5 Crossover.

“It’s also very roomy, with a reconfigurable space, and it handles beautifully,” he says.

Your Drive is Just a Click or Two Away
During the eight years that Alex has been in the business, he’s seen two important shifts—from sedans to SUVs, and from the amount of customers who shop and buy online versus in person.

Why have SUVS (which account for about 80 percent of Alex’s sales) become so popular? According to Alex, they have come far in terms of comfort and style, as well as fuel efficiency, now averaging around 23 miles per gallon.

Medina Auto Mall Sales Manager Alex Kash says hands-down, their best-selling Buick is the Encore SUV.

And the chances are good—about 50-50—that whichever car you buy, you’ll do so online.

“Our dealership has significantly invested in making the online shopping and buying experience as easy as possible for our customers,” Alex exclaims. “Now, the sales team can even do fast appraisals over the phone, as well as deliver new vehicles to your doorstep.”

The days of gigantic dealerships with fleets of automobiles in their showroom are pretty much over. On any given day there are only three vehicles in the Medina Auto Mall showroom.

But there are many, many on their lot, as they also have the largest inventory in the state.

When it comes to financing automobiles, Alex says leasing accounts for about 70 percent of their deals versus owning.

“It’s just easier for people, and with our warranty, they are fully covered, they just turn their car in for a new one at the end of the lease,” he explains.

Best-in-Class Service
The impeccably trained and master certified technicians in the service department handle any model or make of car.

“We go out of our way to make auto repairs easy on the customer,” says Alex. “We realize how inconvenient it is to be without a car. That’s why we’ll come and pick it up at their home and drop it off as soon as it’s fixed. We also have a fleet of 68 loaner cars we get to anyone who needs them, free of charge.”

A Valued Part of the Community
Locally owned by the Panteck family—father Gary and sons Bryan and Geoff—the mission of the dealership was never to be number one. That’s just the result of the deals they’ve made to keep people coming back. They have been in the car business for many years, and also own Brunswick Auto Mart.

Natives of Strongsville, the Pantecks are entrenched in their city and local communities (they even earned naming rights to the Brunswick Auto Mart Football Stadium). Their generosity has touched many civic and charitable efforts.

Medina Auto Mall is located at 3205 Medina Road. The Showroom is open Monday and Thursday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The online showroom is open 24/7. Call 800-589-5057 for more information or visit

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