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Does sleep come easy?

An increasing body of research is pointing to the enormous value of sleep. For example, a recently published study in the journal Neurology showed there may be a link between poor sleep and signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe adequate sleep is needed to perform critical detoxification processes where neurotoxins are essentially...

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Preventative joint support

As I took my car in for an oil change the other day, I found myself thinking about preventive maintenance. After all, the whole reason I take the car in for regular oil changes is to extend the life of the engine and reduce my chances of seeing the dreaded check engine light. In many ways, our bodies are much the same. While I think most...

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The key to solving the calcium riddle is understanding the differences between calcium supplements

Osteoporosis is generally thought of as a “woman’s disease.” In truth, millions of men and women are affected each year. Bone health is vital for everyone’s health. With that said, I want to talk about calcium and share some facts you may not know about calcium and building bones. Here’s a hint: The two are not as related as...

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Help for aging skin

I must admit, the title for this article is slightly misleading. Not only does the focus of today’s column improve aging skin, it has also been shown to reduce inflammation, support eye health, improve arterial health and much more. So really, the headline, ‘Help for Aging Skin,’ is selling this nutritional powerhouse more than a little...

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Help for hot flashes and menopause

For some women, hot flashes and night sweats are infrequent and manageable. But for others, they are a major obstacle to daily living—forcing sufferers to endure as many as 20 episodes per day. With this in mind, I want to revisit the herb that has been by far our most successful supplement for countless women, giving them relief in as...

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