Splash Car Wash is getting bigger, better and offering even more affordable vehicle cleaning services

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Splash Car Wash, with locations in Fairlawn and Green, features high-pressure water nozzles, Neoglide material that’s designed to safely clean all paint types, foamy detergents and protecting agents to clean your vehicle effectively using state-of-the-art car wash technology. But it’s about to get even better. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

'Tis the season when you’re likely to find salty, grimy slush droppings splattered beneath your vehicle on your garage floor. If you’ve noticed the dimples and pock marks the salt has created in your concrete over the years, just imagine what it can do to the bottom of your car.

Regular undercarriage flushings can help remove road salt and sludge off your car, and unlimited monthly wash packages from Splash Car Wash make it economical and convenient to protect your investment, insists Mike Ciriello, general manager of the bright and flashy wash that lights up locations in Fairlawn and Green.

“The removal of salt and other winter road chemicals is detrimental to the longevity of your vehicle,” Mike says. “A trip through our high-tech wash tunnel takes just under three minutes and you don’t even have to get out of your car. We offer a high-pressure wash that may rinse out your brakes and all those trim pieces and rubber seals under your car.”

And with unlimited wash packages starting as low as $22.99 per month, Splash Car Wash makes it affordable to clean your ride as often as you want to, says Joe Mallo, owner of the car wash.

“If you wash your car a minimum of three times per month under the same wash tier, you’re saving time and money versus purchasing three or more ala carte washes per month,” Joe confirms. “During the wet, snowy winters, you’re likely to be back a lot more than that.”

Both Splash locations feature high-pressure water nozzles, Neoglide material that’s designed to safely clean all paint types, foamy detergents and protecting agents to clean your vehicle effectively using state-of-the-art car wash technology. But after three years, the Mallo family is already working on a new and improved facility.

A major expansion, already under construction, will result in a brand new, longer wash tunnel, an express interior cleaning tunnel, a polishing tunnel, an indoor vacuum arena and an industrial floor mat cleaner. The new wash tunnel is the first phase of a three phase project.

“With all of our brand new, top of line equipment, we believe that we’re going to have the latest and greatest in car wash technology,” he insists.

The new wash tunnel will be approximately 175 feet long, compared to the current 130-foot tunnel.

“The longer tunnel creates more redundancy and an even more thorough cleaning,” Joe explains. “We’ll have additional equipment, like a second set of wheel scrubbers and undercarriage flushes.”

The grand entrance to the new tunnel will feature an automated arch that will apply high pressure preparation from all angles, instead of two employees with prep guns, Joe explains.

Of course, the new tunnel will feature the familiar array of bright colors that make Splash feel more like an amusement park ride than a car wash.

“It creates excitement for the kids,” Mike said. “It’s like coming in for a light show.”

“Most other car washes are dim and dull—a lot like pulling into a dark garage,” Joe adds.

Once the new tunnel is completed, the existing tunnel will be converted into a polishing tunnel and an additional tunnel (to be built parallel to the existing tunnel), will be used for express interior cleaning.

“People have expressed to our staff that they’d like some sort of detailing service,” Joe says. “It won’t be a complete detailing where you drop off your car and leave it for the day and spend $400, but we will offer a very thorough interior cleaning.”

Similar to the wash tunnel, a conveyor will slowly move vehicles along with the trunk and doors open.

“We’ll have two people working with extractors and other cleaning equipment that will drop down from the ceiling,” Joe says. “Our express interior cleaning will include the carpets, seats, dash, center console, windows, door jams and more. In approximately 11 minutes from the time your vehicle is loaded on our conveyor belt, your interior will come out with a fresh new look. The interior cleaning will be available as an add-on.”

A climate-controlled indoor vacuum arena will be available to clients who choose to clean out their own interiors. Additionally, Splash will be installing an industrial floor mat cleaner that will be capable of handling both rubber and carpeted floor mats.

“This will afford our clients a greater level of comfort during inclement weather,” Mike says.

Splash Car Wash offers a choice of three packages: The Splash, for $8 per wash, or $22.99 a month for unlimited washes; The Big Wave, for $12 per wash, or $32.99 per month for unlimited washes; and The Tidal Wave, for $16 per wash, or $42.99 per month for unlimited washes. For the convenience of their Fast Pass members, Splash has installed three RFID readers that scan the member’s bar code. Once scanned, the gate will open for easy access.

“The Splash Car Wash locations are two of Akron’s premier car washes,” Mike says. “We offer a superior product at a great value.”

Splash Car Wash is located at 130 South Cleveland Massillon Road, just south of Route 18 in Fairlawn. The phone number is 330-576-3940. A second Splash is located at 3405 S Arlington Road, in Green (in front of Lowe’s). The phone number is 330-536-WASH (9274). You can purchase monthly memberships, gift cards, and find more details online at SplashCarWashCo.com. You can be among the first to learn about the latest Splash Car Wash offers by liking them on Facebook @SplashCWFairlawn and @SplashCWGreen.