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Chippewa Place supports seniors and their desire for safe, secure independence

Most senior care facilities have been on strict lockdown since Covid-19 hit in March, with restricted visitations and solitary conditions. However, since Chippewa Place in Brecksville offers independent living accommodations for seniors, they never shut down or restricted visitors during the pandemic. “We feel blessed to have not had a...

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Williams Landscaping & Pavers can make you the champion of your backyard

Williams Landscaping & Pavers shoots for the stars. Professionals in the art of landscapes and hardscapes, owner Brian Williams and his team set the stage for outdoor living, seeing the moment every client steps into their backyard feeling like Rocky atop the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, arms outstretched in triumph. “Our job is...

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Meet HealthMarkets Agent Kathy Carvin for a pre-review of your Medicare options

If you’re on Medicare, chances are good you’ve already started getting phone calls and a pile of mail about your policy—and it’s not even open enrollment time, yet. Open enrollment happens from October 15 to December 7. During that time, you can make changes to your plan or enroll in a new one. It’s a busy few weeks, and, for many...

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Getting an early start on estate planning

Nobody thinks they’re going to die young, until they do. And that’s the thing about death—it doesn’t discriminate. While most of us who’ve advanced in years, have kids or have accumulated any assets typically address estate planning at the onset of life’s events, millennials and Gen-Xers tend to ignore the idea that they might...

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Wellness during Covid

During this new norm, we have all changed our routines. As we adjust to daily life, we must remember to take care of ourselves. This means continuing to exercise and taking care of our injuries, aching muscles and pain. At our clinic, caring about you is our highest priority. We keep our facility clean and comfortable. Our welcoming environment...

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