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The MaxStrength program takes just 20 minutes of your time, only two days a week.

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twenty minutes + twice a week = transformation

The two main reasons people train at MaxStrength are the amazing results they experience and the very short interruptions to their lives.

The MaxStrength Fitness program takes just 20 minutes of your time, only two days a week. It’s all about the quality of our workout system, not the quantity of time you put in. MaxStrength’s personalized fitness program is not only effective, but it’s also convenient. You can work out during your lunch break without offending the afternoon noses of your colleagues.

You will not sweat when you work out at MaxStrength, and that is by design,” owner Jeff Tomaszewski, says. “The perception that you need to sweat for your workout to be successful is completely false. On the contrary, like a car engine, a cool body works more efficiently than an overheated body. That’s why we keep our training room at 65 degrees. We want to dissipate body heat very quickly, so if you start to sweat we crank up a fan to cool you off.

The program is based on pushing your muscles to high levels of fatigue, to a point where they can do no more, in a condensed period of time. The exercises may appear easy to an observer. That’s because there is no obnoxious shouting or loud grunting like at a gym. Once you use the machines, however, the intensity is evident. But it’s safe and just about anybody can do it, from a professional athlete to an 85-year-old woman with a hip or a knee replacement.

To find out how your professional, efficient workout can result in a happier, healthier lifestyle, you can schedule your complimentary consultation with MaxStrength Fitness, with two locations serving Northeast Ohio—located at 2211 Crocker Road in Westlake and at 4212 State Route 306, Suite 120 in Willoughby. You can find more information, including client testimonials, by visiting, or you can call 440-835-9090 (Westlake) or 440-226-8080 (Willoughby).

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