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“Although I was skeptical in the beginning—that less time could produce greater results—after I pinpointed the science behind it, I wanted to share it with others.” — Jeff Tomaszewski, Founder, MaxStrength Fitness

MaxStrength Fitness studios provide a 20-minute, twice-weekly means to transform clients’ bodies and lives.

Muscle mass and strength are the #1 and 2 biomarkers to aging, affecting many other health indicators. Their science-based program stops the inevitable loss of muscle mass as people age and reverses it.

Founded by Jeff Tomaszewski, who has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and lives up to the title of Chief Life Transformer, MaxStrength’s novel concept is based on intense one-on-one, trainer-led workouts performed on precision computerized equipment—three advanced systems called SuperSlow, MedEx and David. They are the only facility in the country to provide all three lines under one roof in each studio. The equipment is engineered to safely produce maximum muscle fatigue in the least amount of time.

Clients see profound results and stay with them for the long term. Part of the attraction is the workouts are not sweat-producing, as the studios’ temps are set to a pleasant 60-something degrees, so people can easily pop in and out on their lunch hour and not worry about having to shower. Jeff also culls information from the latest studies to help clients, including publishing reports and e-books about health and nutrition, such as “Sugar Detox” and “Healthy Snacks and Appetizers.”

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