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Get a brand-new website with no money down

Many local business owners are unhappy with their websites, but don’t know where to turn. Some sites may have taken months to build and cost thousands of dollars yet they’re not what the...

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Does anyone dial the phone anymore?

At the end of almost every article in each edition of Mimi, you’ll find an italicized paragraph providing contact information for the featured business, often including a phone number and a...

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Here’s how to improve your company’s search engine rankings

One of the most common questions we hear from local business owners is: “How can I rank higher in local Google searches.” Unfortunately, many businesses are stuck in the past using outdated...

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Get a free review of your business’s online presence

When you google a local business, you usually see a panel on the right side of the results page that reveals lots of information about the business—including the name, address, hours, photos,...

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This week, leave a positive online review for five of your favorite local businesses

One of the best ways to be supportive of local businesses is to recommend them to others, including friends, neighbors and family members—but also to total strangers. It’s a bit of an honor...

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