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Winter respite

The chill that befalls Northeast Ohio this time of year isn’t putting a damper on the events schedule at Lake Erie Distillery. Our themed gatherings are shaking things up, from the recent hands-on Valentine’s Couples Cocktail mixology class to a Comedy Tour Night with live national stand-up comics. Our menu is always adapting to the...

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The buddy system nets results

The best things in life are better when shared. That applies to strength training, too. There’s nothing like a “buddy system” to help you achieve your fitness goals and maximize your enjoyment and fulfillment. At Higher Heights, we see a significant bump in results when a duo works out together. That’s why we began offering...

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Reclaim your garage

Every family cycles through phases—and so do their garages. The Big Wheels change over to bikes and helmets, then extra furniture for when the kiddos are between college dorms and apartments. At each point along the journey, the experts at Encore Garage Ohio can help. Over the past 20 years, Encore Garage owner Mike Padden has offered...

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Venous disease and inflammation

The classic symptoms of venous disease—including varicose veins—are leg swelling, fatigue, and achiness, as well as skin discoloration and ulcers if left untreated. These symptoms are caused by toxins that build up in the lower legs due to insufficient blood flow. But these toxins also cause inflammation, which is never isolated to...

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Cleveland Celtic Ensemble comes to Medina

Back in Ireland, the recognition of St. Patrick’s Day didn’t come into prominence until the 20th century and was customarily celebrated with cozy gatherings of friends and traditional Irish music. (Despite popular belief, the Irish do not actually eat corned beef and cabbage, nor will you find any river in Ireland dyed green. And the drinking...

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