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In the past if you didn’t qualify for a subsidy to help offset the cost of your health insurance coverage, you may now

Just like last year, the annual enrollment period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage has been extended until Sunday, January 15, 2023. The reason? The push continues to help more people get insured courtesy of increased subsidies, with the upper income limit for subsidy eligibility eliminated. So, what is a subsidy? A subsidy is...

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The Veale Wellness & Aquatics Center is helping people at Ohio Living Breckenridge Village and the community to thrive

Creating a path for people to thrive physically, socially and emotionally, Ohio Living Breckenridge Village offers membership to the Veale Wellness & Aquatics Center to both its residents and the community at large. According to Director of Therapy Mimi Pekarek, “We address the key components to wellness, encouraging people to increase...

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At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers, the focus is on preventing those with balance and vestibular issues from falling, which could ultimately save their life

The spelling of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center may strike you as a little unorthodox, but it’s metaphorical to how different this place is from anything you think you know about physical therapy. Opening this month in the Williamsburg Square Shopping Center in Westlake, Fyzical specializes in treating pain and improving balance through...

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Next Level Auto Detailing can restore your ride to a showroom finish

Shawn Medina’s compulsion for perfecting automobile exteriors started early and intensified from there. He began restoring cars at the age of 14, studied automotive technology, worked at Ford Motor Company, then turned his passion into a paycheck and founded Next Level Auto Detailing in 2009. Whether it’s a luxury ride, sports car, classic...

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Daveron Design + Build brings a team approach to every project, and the difference that makes is huge

It’s meals. It’s overnight guests. It’s family. It’s fun? It’s the holidays. If your family is crowded in your house and you could use that extra bedroom, bathroom, living space or hiding space you thought about adding last year, don’t wait another year. And how about the kitchen? Nothing adds to holiday stress like a house that...

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