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Strength before surgery

Knowing the best strength moves and protocol before and after joint replacement surgeries of the hip, knee and shoulder can be a game-changer when preparing for the procedure and thriving in post-surgical rehab. We’ve helped many clients stay in shape throughout the journey. We are trained to customize a program to each client and...

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A review of your circumstances will provide insight into whether you should make a change in your medical insurance

With costs for things like food, gas and other necessities connected to everyday living continuing to inflate, most of us are trying to find ways to save money. We’re feeling the financial pinch in a way we haven’t in a while. Cutting back and making do with less works in some areas of our lives, but other expenses cannot be avoided. I’d...

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How strong is your energy?

Energy needs to flow within us, through us and around us freely if we want to remain healthy. When these energies are out of balance, disease begins. The Harmonic Egg operates energetically and harmonically at the cellular level. Intention from the client sitting in the chair plays an active role as to where the Harmonic Egg’s resonant waves...

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Here’s how Finesse Footcare is eradicating nail fungus, without drugs or cream

Once fungus infects your toenails, festering deep underneath the nail plate, it can be difficult to treat. Rather than spending time and money on over-the-counter remedies that are largely ineffective, why not consider a few painless laser treatments at Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst? Fueled by frustration, practice founder Dr. Danielle Shaper...

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Travel specialist Jackie Klemenc has all the insider tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Disney cruise or vacation

Walt Disney World is pulling out all the stops in celebrating its 50th Anniversary year, a celebration that runs through April 2023. There’s never been a better time to escape to any of Disney’s destinations. Over the years, the resort has expanded and evolved to keep up with its audience, and today includes four theme parks, two water...

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