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Considering cabinets

Your new cabinets will probably define the appearance of your new kitchen or bath. But quality of construction is another important factor to think about. Here, Scott Powers, vice president of sales at Kiba Studios, Medina’s kitchen and bath showroom, explains some differences in cabinet quality. Q: What are kitchen and bathroom cabinets...

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Are you open? Here’s how to keep your holiday hours up to date

During the holiday season, many businesses change their hours depending on the day of week when various holidays fall. This can be confusing and frustrating to customers. Are you open on Christmas Day? Are you closing early Christmas Eve? What about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Are you closing completely for the last week of the...

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Non-surgical neck lift: For people who don’t want to live with sagging skin anymore

Because she’s always on the leading edge of innovation when it comes to aesthetic rejuvenation, Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician with more than 35 years of practice experience and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, offers a revolutionary way to lift the skin on the neck, jawline, mid-face area, and to fill in under the eyes...

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A Final Thought: The Power of Apology

I have been taken to task by Mimi readers upset at my use of Jesus’s name as an interjection in my November column, My How Time Flies. We often call out to the heavens instinctively and spontaneously in moments of great joy, fear or shock, yet one can soften these reactions to the less offensive “gosh,” “golly,” “jees,”...

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A gift basket from Miles Farmers Market provides just the right touch of thoughtful style

Creative. Thoughtful. Useful. Gift baskets at Miles Farmers Market really do have all the qualities of the perfect gift. When it comes to unique gifting, this local farmers market is thinking outside the basket. In addition to fruit baskets overflowing with fresh apples, oranges, pears and other seasonal fruits, the staff also puts...

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