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Get the expertise of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost

As a personal trainer with a degree in exercise science, who has worked both with private clients and in other studios for the past decade, Evan Ferwerda has a unique perspective on what works. When he decided to open his own studio, he researched the market for a franchise that offered all the intensity of one-on-one training, with the...

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A 180-degree roundabutt

It is always fascinating to me to watch how my patients’ attitudes completely change from their first visit to their last. At our first visit, my patients often tell me that their hemorrhoid symptoms were manageable in the early stages, but, over time, the pain, itching, bleeding, leakage, or protrusion just kept getting worse and worse...

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Helicopters? Whirly-birds? Tassels? Whatever you call them, they are back to clog your gutters!

We all love trees. They provide ever-changing beauty and character to our landscaping, not to mention their importance to the environment and the air we breathe. But trees also create a necessity for home maintenance, including gutter cleaning. “We often think of trees as causing a problem in the fall when they shed their leaves, but...

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A clean home from Pristine Clean can help you get more joy out of summer in your own back yard

A relatively warm winter combined with a rainy spring has led to an abundance of moss, mildew, algae, and grime on our homes, including siding, gutters, roofs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks—pretty much any surface. The result is a dinginess that can transform an otherwise beautiful home into one lacking in curb appeal. But it’s not...

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The trendy-casual Sunrise Social is serving made-from-scratch brunches with exciting twists on the classics

I don’t know who first brought together the words “breakfast” and “lunch” to create the concept of “brunch,” but whoever did must have been thinking about a place like Sunrise Social. Brunch is not about the time of day you enjoy it (early morning to early afternoon). It’s about quality. So forget short order-style breakfast...

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