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The Shaw JCC members of all ages are discovering new interests, making new friends and pushing themselves to new limits

Community, wellness, family. The Shaw JCC of Akron has stood for these three principles since its inception more than 90 years ago. “The goal has always been to be much more than a fitness center,” says marketing director Shannon Piggott. “Today, we continue to demonstrate those principles in everything we do, from the Early Childhood...

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Are you a boiling frog?

We’ve all heard of the boiling frog apologue describing how a frog dropped directly into boiling water will jump right out, but if the frog is put into cool water that slowly becomes hotter and hotter, it won’t notice the danger until it’s boiled alive. People with hemorrhoids are often like boiling frogs. When their hemorrhoid problems...

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No hassle and no waiting for your new flooring project

Right now, we have hundreds of thousands of square feet of high-quality inventory ready to be installed. Because when you shop at Floorz, you get the power of a business that’s prepared to give you more. Our new warehouse location in Brecksville means we can keep more inventory on hand, and you don’t have to worry about supply chain...

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Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa can help to erase the age from your face

After two tough years, featuring several starts and stops, we are ready to recharge and revitalize in 2022. Leading the charge is Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa with a menu of noninvasive facial and body rejuvenation treatments that will not only help you look your best, but, just as importantly, feel your best. As a medical...

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Finding the right massage therapist

In these stressful times, never has the healing power of massage been more integral to your overall well-being. At Vivify Wellness at Avenues, we hope people don’t view massage as merely a pampering service, but rather a much-needed component to your self-care plan. Over the years, we’ve found that people sometimes shy away from massage as...

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