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The annual ritual of back-to-school shopping at Lucky Shoes is making a comeback thanks to smart moms who care—and grandmothers

When I was a kid, back-to-school shoe shopping was an annual ritual. At age 10, having an adult expert focus exclusively on me and my needs made me feel special. After trying on several pairs, I’d choose one and insist on wearing the shoes out of the store, my old shoes placed neatly into the box the new shoes came in. Once home, I’d run...

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The Venue at Danny Boys nearing completion and now is the time to book your special event

Broadview Heights’ newest special event venue comes with a storied past and tried-and-true reputation for amazing fare, atmosphere and gracious hospitality. The management team at Danny Boys Pizza is thrilled to announce it’s finalizing construction on The Venue at Danny Boys. “It’s been our goal since opening back in 2013 to transform...

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The Dance Institute at The University of Akron has a class to help anyone find or improve their groove

The Dance Institute at The University of Akron brings the arts into this community every day, through classes, performances and partnerships with other arts-centered organizations throughout Akron. Maybe you’ve taken part in the Dance Institute Summer Intensive, a three-week dance program on the campus of The University of Akron. The...

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Exactly’s team of top agents is helping sellers net more profit when they’re ready to make a move

Since it was founded in 2018, Exactly has been on the grow, thanks to its innovative real estate business model, and in part to the more than a hundred Mimi magazine readers who have sold their homes with this local real estate firm after reading about its flat-rate fee savings. Instead of paying the usual real estate commission based on a...

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On the fanny fence with your hemorrhoids

Patience is a virtue. Wait it out. This too shall pass. I can take it. These are just some of the mantras people who come to me for treatment of hemorrhoids have subscribed to before deciding to end their suffering. But the pain, itching, burning and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids don’t go away. It gets worse. Yet, some people still...

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