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Northern Ohio Wine Guild explains sulfites and hangovers

Holiday celebrations often equal overindulgence on food, family and, yes, alcohol. And with that last one can come the dreaded day-after hangover. “There’s a common misconception that when wine is the drink of choice, it’s the sulfites or other ‘additives’ that cause the headaches and other problems,” says Jim Sperk, of the...

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Thinking of selling your home in 2022? Here’s how to start smart with the Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate

The first step in making any big decision is to gather the facts and enlist the help of an expert when necessary. If one of those decisions for 2022 is whether or not to sell your home, the experts at The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate in Medina will help you with the first, second...and every step along the way. “The Living Well...

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An affordable and luxurious bathroom makeover in less than seven days with Bath R Us

If your desire is to create a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield, you may have heard this advice: “If you build it, they will come.” If your business involves building astonishingly beautiful bathrooms, “If you build it right, a lot of others will ask you to build theirs, too” may provide inspiration. That seems to...

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Are you a boiling frog?

We’ve all heard of the boiling frog apologue describing how a frog dropped directly into boiling water will jump right out, but if the frog is put into cool water that slowly becomes hotter and hotter, it won’t notice the danger until it’s boiled alive. People with hemorrhoids are often like boiling frogs. When their hemorrhoid problems...

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Joe Jacobs and the top painting crew at Chagrin Home Improvements can change your view

Here we go again, right? Wondering what the new year will bring and whether you’ll be stuck indoors again, staring at the same old walls, with that same old color you never liked? Or how about that hole in the ceiling you never got around to fixing? It could be a very long, ugly winter. Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, has...

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