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Get ready for ACA enrollment

With open enrollment for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage just a few short weeks away (Sunday, November 1-Tuesday, December 15), small business owners with employees who aren’t covered under a group health insurance plan but are enrolled in an ACA plan and are therefore responsible for obtaining and paying for their own coverage may be...

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Protecting your life partner

Blood is thicker than water—and, when it comes to estate matters, is more important than the ties you have to your significant other, says Jay Nabors, a Cleveland-based attorney who focuses on estate planning. “There is a trend toward older adults choosing not to marry but to instead simply live as partners and share their lives. And many...

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Bath's Arden Courts memory care community fosters independence for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias

Arden Courts memory care communities combine unique services and one-of-a-kind building design to provide effective management of and treatment for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Serving only individuals with memory issues allows staff to focus on the distinctive physical, mental and social needs of the residents and guide...

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Find your dream home with The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate in Medina County

Every successful team has a game plan. It’s a strategy for achieving an objective. Your real estate team should be no different, especially when that objective is finding your true dream home, an essential part of a well-lived life. The Chodaczek (show-da-zak) Team at LoFaso Real Estate in Medina County specializes in connecting with your...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate have strategies in place to minimize the stress of buying and selling

Much like a doctor asks a patient where it hurts, Denise Zervos often asks her real estate agents and their clients what their pain is. She and her husband, Mark, own The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate. Since 1990, they’ve sold more than a billion dollars in properties, so the line of questioning seems to be effective...

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