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Accidents can and do happen

No matter what your age or choice of activities, accidents can and do happen. Sport season is amping up, which means slips and tumbles on the field become commonplace. Kids are riding bikes and living it up outdoors, climbing trees and catching fireflies, which increases the opportunity for a mishap. Yard warriors are back at it outside, and...

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Do you remember May, 1976?

If you were in high school in 1976, you are likely approaching age 65, which is when you will begin making decisions regarding your Medicare options. To learn more about your options, give me a call to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation educational meeting. In the meantime, enjoy recalling these memories from May 1976: Top 5...

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Maverick Insurance Group helps you stay prepared with premiums on the rise

The rise in your insurance premiums isn’t always related to the number of claims you’ve made. Premiums are rising because of the severity and frequency of all claims, not just yours. Scott Andrew Mills We use the analogy of a pool of water to explain. As policy holders, we are all part of a large pool. When the pool loses water, it must...

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Getting unwanted calls about Medicare? There’s an easy way to make it stop

Are the annoying and unwanted Medicare calls and texts from solicitors making you feel insane? It seems as if they are completely out of hand lately, making it such a pain to answer your phone. Guess what? There are a few simple things you can do to make it stop. The FCC is committed to protecting you from these “bad actors” through a...

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While the real estate market may be changing, eXp Realty’s Amy Hoes is boasting sales 26 percent higher than last year

When Amy Hoes moved to eXp Realty last year, it was a bit of a gamble—but one that’s paid off. The company was just starting to emerge as the fastest growing brokerage in Northeast Ohio. Now it is a real presence. Amy reports that eXp Realty is #1 independent in the country, with over 397,000 transaction signs up in...

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