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Meet the Artist: Marianne Hite

The reflective and beautiful quality of glass creates the perfect canvas for an artist to work their magic on. Local artist Marianne Hite uses her expressive style to employ a variety of techniques to her glasswork. She creates slumped and fused kiln-formed glass jewelry, vessels, wall hangings and art objects. “Living in Northeast Ohio...

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Meet the Artist: Author Colleen Hurst

Local author Colleen Hurst weaves tales of fantasy and triumph in The Darkhami Chronicles, a four-book series detailing the quest of Cahira and Raev to harness the Stone of Power to defeat dark magic and save the world as they know it. “My fiction novels were inspired by various characters I’ve played in Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The...

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Meet the Artist: Lisa Dressig

Some people specialize in one specific category of art, while others like to dabble and try their hand at many different mediums. Local artist and art educator Lisa Dressig’s passion for art translates into a desire for teaching local residents how to create their own works of art using a multitude of mediums. “My passion is for teaching...

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Local author Jennifer Boresz Engelking unearths even more secrets that linger beneath the surface in Lake County

The past lies just below our feet in Lake County, Ohio. Each year, the remarkable natural splendor of the Lake Erie shores brings many visitors to stand in the waves in awe of its beauty. After the success of her first book, Hidden History of Lake County, Ohio, local author Jennifer Boresz Engelking was intrigued and decided to dig even deeper,...

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Meet the Artist: Gina Santora, Ridge + Roots

Nature provides us with a stunning canvas to gain inspiration from, and local printmaker Gina Santora uses it to her advantage when creating her uniquely beautiful, original prints. A rock-climbing and national park enthusiast, Gina captures small moments and little details of the giant, magnificent world around us via her travels with her...

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