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If you’re struggling with the impact of hair loss, this story is for you

If you ask hairstylists what they love about their jobs, most of them will tell you they take joy in helping their clients look their best. But at The Hair Specialists they take it to heart, helping clients who struggle with hair loss. Salon owner Kelly Nemitz is passionate about making clients who have hair loss feel happy and confident...

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Here’s how years of experience and a dedication to ongoing training and equipment upgrades gives Pristine Clean a level of professionalism all its own

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of power washing companies sticking signs in the ground at busy intersections, you’re right. The industry has a low “barrier to entry,” meaning all you need to get started is a power washer and a vehicle to haul it in. But for a professional power washing company, there is much more to it...

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Independence is the fitness goal

At Axio Fitness, we are very passionate about goals. In fact, our mission is to be zealous for our client’s goals. As you can imagine, most of the goals we hear are focused on body weight, clothing sizes or some sort of exercise achievement like doing a 5K run or getting off the floor without assistance. All those are great goals and things...

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With SOGO Homes’ flat-rate fee structure, sellers keep more of their profits and contribute to the dream of home ownership for someone else

The newest real estate brokerage in town was founded not only to help homeowners and homebuyers but also the greater community. SOGO Homes—which stands for Sell One, Give One—is based on the innovative business model that for every house the company sells or buyer it helps find a home, it will donate a portion of the...

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Relieve the burden of final costs

Nobody lives forever, which makes preparing for what’s destined to come an important part of your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Some people plan ahead for the grieving process and death, others don’t. And it’s the not planning that can have the greatest impact on those you leave behind. Instead of having the freedom to grieve...

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