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The dynamic duo at The Dog Wizard can teach any dog new behavioral tricks

Cutting-edge dog training has come to Medina. This month, Aurelia & Steve Martin, who own The Dog Wizard Medina training service, are opening a new Training Center on N. State Road, five minutes from downtown. “With the record high number of canine adoptions last year due to the pandemic there is a greater need for dogs to be trained and...

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Get a free review of your business’s online presence

When you google a local business, you usually see a panel on the right side of the results page that reveals lots of information about the business—including the name, address, hours, photos, reviews, popular times that people visit the business and more, along with links for map directions and the business’s website. This panel is...

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A Final Thought: Science and Sweet Corn

As an English major, I sometimes regret not learning more about science, so I read a lot about the sciences and listen to science-themed podcasts. Here are a few things I learned about the nature of the universe in 2020 that surprised me: Plants Don’t Grow Out of the GroundA plant’s structure is mostly carbon, but where does the...

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The Gutter Cover Company can free your gutters from debris and big icicles

With the absence of the big home and garden shows this time of year, many homeowners are hunkered down at home wondering what their options are for protecting their gutters without having to risk life and limb by climbing up on the roof and doing it themselves. The Gutter Cover Company has not only your personal safety in mind, but also the...

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Once the winter snows melt, it’s going to be a busy roofing season for Roofsmith Restoration

Spring is the ideal time to replace your roof, especially after the single-digit temperatures Northeast Ohio experienced in February. Ice dams—and other problems associated with the freeze-thaw cycle—can wreak havoc on shingles, flashing, chimneys, skylights and more, creating leaks and water damage, especially if your roof is past...

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