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The Doug Jones and Company showroom is packed with upscale holiday gifts that stand out from the ordinary and visit their annual open house on Sunday, December 10, between noon and 4 p.m. to enjoy discounts and refreshments

Hidden in the heart of Fairlawn, just a few hundred feet off West Market Street, is an upscale furniture and design center packed with fabulous gifts and accessories for the holiday season. It’s so hidden, you’ve probably driven by and not known it. Elegant and whimsical acrylic trays by Nicolette Mayer feature popular designers like...

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Meet the Artist: Bruce Stebner

Local artist Bruce Stebner tells people he was born with crayons in his hand, and that isn’t far from the truth. With ample experience in both 3D and 2D artistic formats, he brings his creativity to life vividly on any surface that calls to him. Bruce’s first memories recall drawing on rolls of paper stretched across the living room floor...

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Here’s how Heater Cap, from Gutter Cover Company, can heat your gutters and melt the problems away

Heater Cap can be installed with or without Gutter Topper—Gutter Cover Company’s exclusive gutter protection solution—or with most other existing gutter guards. Icicles are a striking and sometimes beautiful sight in the winter months, but one place you don’t want to see them is dangling precariously off your gutters. Not only...

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Here’s how to find out if your blood isn’t where it needs to be

It is astonishing to think that every second, two to three million red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and released into the circulatory system to deliver oxygen to the tissues in your body. These are combined with nearly 100 billion white blood cells produced each day, which help your body fight infection. It is no wonder that...

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Gifts for all the senses

A place where you go to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa has gifts for all the senses. “When you give someone a gift card, you are giving the gift of beauty in all forms, as we have more than 50 salon and spa treatments to choose from,” says Corinne Calabro, salon owner. Whether a Chocolate Souffle Facial...

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