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Him & Me is an initiative founded to help foster and nurture the father-daughter connection

The importance of a strong father figure in the life of a young girl cannot be overstated. Him & Me is an initiative founded by LaToyia Jones to address the critical role of fathers in the lives of young girls, in order for them to become strong women and the men to have the privilege of becoming proud dads. LaToyia initially launched an...

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Fast N’ Frosty is bringing all the cool summer ice cream favorites you know and love to your neighborhood or special event

I scream, you scream, we’ll all scream for ice cream, especially when we see, or hear, Fast N’ Frosty rolling down the streets of our neighborhoods. There’s nothing like the nostalgic tones of the ice cream truck beckoning us all to enjoy a cold and tasty treat on a hot summer evening. That’s the feeling that the four Garcia-Whitko...

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Easy ways to hear better

Your path to improved hearing doesn’t have to include the expense of hearing aids or other interventions. You can often improve your hearing just by making a few adjustments to your lifestyle and surroundings. Your loved ones can help by making a few adjustments of their own—and most of them are free. “There are lots of ways people...

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Now in its 11th year, Rainbow Bridge Walk gives pet owners who’ve experienced the loss of a furry family member the opportunity to pay tribute

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet knows how devastating it can be. The mourning process for a human loved one usually involves an organized ritual, including gatherings to remember and say goodbye. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case with the death of a pet. “After I lost my Bichon, Pallino, I was having a...

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The Stephen A. Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation will host its annual The Event fundraiser to help those navigating cancer

The ability for someone undergoing cancer treatment and their family to focus solely on the care and healing of that patient is what the Stephen A. Comunale Jr. Family Cancer Foundation is all about. The Comunale family understands the struggles other families experience when navigating a cancer diagnosis, because they have seen it firsthand...

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