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Exciting new treatment for embarrassing warts

Chances are you or someone you know has suffered with painful warts. At best, warts can be annoying. For some, they can be embarrassing and quite debilitating. Dr. Eric Trattner, a podiatrist who is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, says that experience is now unnecessary. “Traditionally-available treatments...

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In just five days, Chagrin Home Improvements can dramatically improve the value of your home with a kitchen cabinet revitalization

Right now, you’ll find the crew at Chagrin Home Improvements crew revitalizing kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms all over Northeast Ohio. Its specialized cabinet painting process provides the highest quality results available to transform your space. “Painters or home renovation businesses will tell you they’ll paint your cabinets,...

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Shaw JCC are helping members establish a path to wellness success

Another year, another fitness plan. Should you join a gym? Invest in the latest workout equipment? Hire a personal trainer? Find a workout class? It’s a decision that seems to come around like clockwork this time of year. But why not make the choice that gives you all those options plus so much more for you and your whole family, all under one...

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The experienced team at Anderson Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is dedicated to serving homes on the East Side—keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer

Anderson Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Mentor is dedicated to the comfort of those living on the East Side for a reason. This HVAC and plumbing company that started in founder Roy Anderson’s Madison garage more than 40 years ago has expanded, but not beyond the community it serves so well. Anderson will usually get a service technician to your...

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The Boston "Wine" Party?

December 16 marks the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. We all remember the story, even if the details are a little fuzzy. Here’s a recap: In 1773, a group known as the Sons of Liberty boarded British ships and threw the entire shipment of tea into the harbor in protest of the tea tax imposed under the Townshend Acts. But have you...

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