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The Snowbelt Symphony Orchestra delights audiences throughout Lake and Geauga counties

As a high schooler in Geauga County, Greg Hillis had a goal. He wanted to someday conduct the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra. Today, Greg has reached that goal—more or less. “I am conducting an orchestra that’s near Cleveland,” smiles Greg, who is executive director of the Snowbelt Musical Arts Association and conductor of its...

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The Shaw JCC members of all ages are discovering new interests, making new friends and pushing themselves to new limits

Community, wellness, family. The Shaw JCC of Akron has stood for these three principles since its inception more than 90 years ago. “The goal has always been to be much more than a fitness center,” says marketing director Shannon Piggott. “Today, we continue to demonstrate those principles in everything we do, from the Early Childhood...

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Baseline hearing test at 50

The doctors of audiology at Sounds of Life Hearing in Concord Township are experts in comprehensive hearing assessment and care, and offer quality, affordable options for treating hearing loss. “It’s important to have a baseline hearing test and consultation, ideally beginning at age 50, before you’re experiencing a problem,” says...

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Northern Ohio Wine Guild explains sulfites and hangovers

Holiday celebrations often equal overindulgence on food, family and, yes, alcohol. And with that last one can come the dreaded day-after hangover. “There’s a common misconception that when wine is the drink of choice, it’s the sulfites or other ‘additives’ that cause the headaches and other problems,” says Jim Sperk, of the...

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Thinking of selling your home in 2022? Here’s how to start smart with the Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate

The first step in making any big decision is to gather the facts and enlist the help of an expert when necessary. If one of those decisions for 2022 is whether or not to sell your home, the experts at The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate in Medina will help you with the first, second...and every step along the way. “The Living Well...

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