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Painting Solutions will have you embracing the winter blues…or grays, or greens, or whatever color your heart desires

August can be a tricky month. We have one foot hanging onto summer while the other is dipping its toe into fall. The weather is still warm, but the kids are heading back to school and we’re finding ourselves slowly being forced back indoors to prepare for the winter months. Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions in Chardon, loves this time of...

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Wearing your wine

We all drink and even cook with wine, but have you heard of wearing it? Through experimentation wineries find uses for the grape skins, pulp, seeds and stems left over after the winemaking process. Some press the grape skins and make a second wine while others use the leftovers, called pomace, as a compost to fertilize the vines or as fodder...

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Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Medina offers Low-Cost CT and CT with contrast scans

CT and MRI scans are diagnostic tools doctors use in the determination of disease, the extent of an injury or the cause of pain a patient is experiencing. Often, though, just getting a scan scheduled, performed and paid for is an inconvenient, uncomfortable and expensive process. Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Medina offers...

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J.P. Grabenstetter Construction specializes in creating gorgeous living areas in the space you have downstairs

John Grabenstetter has always had a project going on. Growing up in Valley City in a family with six siblings, there was always something to fix. Even though John began a career in computer science after college, he never stopped building and fixing things. “My dad could do just about anything and taught us right along with him,” says...

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Discover NAPRIM Naturals plant-based powders for people and pets designed to soothe and treat irritated skin

Stefanie Lendzian always knew she was destined to invent something. A hairstylist for more than 20 years, Stefanie is creative when working with clients to find that perfect hairstyle. But she knew there was something more she was meant to do. “When working on a client with short hair, it’s common practice to dust powder on the neck to...

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