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At Southwest Landscape Management, creating and maintaining beautiful yards is what they do--period

After a visit to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Morty Seinfeld bluntly assessed the impressionist works of Claude Monet: “Don’t you think he had to be near sighted? I mean nobody would paint like that if they could see.” Likewise, says Steve Rak, owner of Southwest Landscape Management, a homeowner, viewing his or her...

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The Gutter Cover Company can free your gutters from debris, permanently

Unless your kids have a proclivity for landing their badminton birdies on the roof, there’s no reason why you need to be on a ladder, reasons Jim Carbone, owner of the Gutter Cover Company, installer of the unique Gutter Topper system. “If you need to climb a ladder to clean off your gutter protection system, what’s the point of having a...

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The fitness specialists at LifeWorks of Southwest General can help you pinpoint the best way to get fit—for life

Most of us want to feel good and healthy. But how do we get that way? The trouble for many people is cutting through the ongoing bombardment of fitness philosophies and fads to determine what exercise program is right for them. That’s where the fitness specialists at LifeWorks of Southwest General come in, suggests Karen Raisch-Siegel,...

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Your garage is sitting quietly, waiting for you to make it the new home gathering venue, workout room, playroom and more

“In or out?” That’s the question my mom would angrily pose to my brother and me as we repetitively tested the endurance of the storm door closer. That’s also the question that many parents are asking about their kid’s upcoming graduation celebration. Outside? It might rain and those giant circus tents are a pain to put up and take...

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MDG Flooring America is so confident you’re going to love your new floor, if you don’t, they’ll replace it, for free

Mike Green learned the carpeting business from the ground floor up. “Dad was a teenager when he went to work in a carpeting warehouse,” shares Christie Jackson, Mike’s daughter and sales manager at MDG Flooring America, the family business Mike established 20 years ago. “He worked his way up from the warehouse to installation and...

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