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Where athletes with physical and mental disabilities gather to play America’s favorite pastime, on their own terms

What began as a scribble on a Post-it note as a suggestion to Eastlake Mayor Dennis Morley is today the Miracle League, a magical place on the corner of Vine Street and state Route 91, where athletes with physical and mental disabilities gather to play America’s favorite pastime, on their own terms. “We like to say we rival Disney for...

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Local photographer Gabe Wasylko turns his lens on The Land

Local photographer Gabe Wasylko is dedicated. So much so that he often starts his days at 4:30 a.m., researched and ready to shoot his beloved Cleveland in all its glory from the perfect spot, basking in the glow of the rising sun, all while the city dwellers are sound asleep. The next few hours of his day are dedicated to grabbing various photos...

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Mentor Schools is focused on strengthening the partnership between students and the local businesses that could hold the keys to their future

After hearing about the Cardinal Connect Luncheon on Monday, May 2, at Paradigm in Mentor—Mimi can say she has restored faith in the next generation. “The purpose of the luncheon, which served more than 140 people, was to connect students with local business partners,” says Kristen Kirby, community relations director for Mentor...

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Creative Movement Center is registering for summer dance camp

If you want your children’s hearts to soar, there’s no better pursuit than dance. Research has shown that dance improves emotional well-being, social and cognitive skills, dedication and discipline, as well as provides the physical benefits of strength, better posture, coordination and flexibility. For kids ages 18 months to 18 years...

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Soccer phenom Victoria Safradin is on a roll

Pardon the pun, but local soccer phenom Victoria Safradin is on a roll. Last October she went to two camps, one in California and one in Florida. After those she was one of 20 players chosen to represent the United States in the Dominican Republic to compete for a World Cup spot. The road to world-class performance has been paved with a...

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