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Snatched: Where have all the new home listings gone?

If you have not seen a lot of “for sale” signs around town, there is good reason. First, the inventory is low due to the ongoing pandemic. And, secondly, the few homes that are on the market are being snatched up in days. “This is the perfect time to sell your home, as homeowners are getting top dollar,” says Kevin Wasie, owner of...

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Peters Professional Landscaping can transform your yard into the peaceful, carefree living space you crave

The notion of hanging out in public places right now is not very appealing. So why not take charge of your summer and make your yard more inviting? A serene haven to kick back in and enjoy. It’s really just a phone call away. The experts at Peters Professional Landscaping can take care of every last detail. From mulching, edging and...

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Lake Metroparks says it’s best to just leave nature alone when encountering orphaned babies and other wildlife

June is the month for exploring the great outdoors, whether hiking, biking or gardening. But as we take to the trails, paths and backyards again, it’s good to realize that we’re not alone. If you encounter a wild animal that looks like it’s orphaned or injured, what should you do? We caught up with Tammy O’Neil, wildlife care manager,...

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When someone has a stroke, every second counts

“Time is brain” is a popular adage that emphasizes the importance of every second that passes after a person has a stroke. “The longer you wait to get treatment, the more of your brain that is likely to be damaged—and the damage could become permanent,” says Mark Rorick, MD, neurologist and stroke director at University Hospitals...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate have just launched a buying tool designed to find your dream home

It’s economics 101: When demand is greater than supply, the market is off kilter. Here in Lake County, where a historic shortage of houses for sale (supply) is currently outnumbered by buyers (demand), the situation has triggered multiple offers on homes, and even sight-unseen pre-offers coming in before a home is officially open for...

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